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February 14, 2009

Mohawk Nation News: Divining Obama Secretly 'Damning' Indigenous Water


Mohawk Nation News

Feb. 13, 2009 – On February 19th the U.S. “bucket brigade” of President Barack “The-Sorcerer’s-Apprentice” Obama and his entourage will be bringing their empty pails to Canada. They want Prime Minister Stephen “Sponge-Bob” Harper and his buddies to start hauling Indigenous water to the States. They’re after our resources. You can bet on it! The following day Secretary of Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ken “Spanish-Amphibian” Salazar, will make an important announcement about their plan to steal our water.

Ripping off our water is another route of the “banksters” to bring in their New World Order. The multinationals know about the forthcoming water shortages because they’re stealing and polluting it. These water czars call themselves the "global guardians". Part of their plan to control the world is by controlling the food supply through controlling the water supply. The United Nations calls water a human right. The fox want to be in charge of the hen house in this “humanitarian crisis” of their making. Since colonization our Indigenous communities no longer have access to clean water. This doesn’t stop them from pilfering even more from us.

Barack Obama’s front man, Rahm “Walleye” Emanuel, is known as "the godfather of Great Lakes restoration". The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed is part of Haudenosaunee Territory which we will never surrender. The Nanfan Treaty of 1701 prohibits interference by colonists and foreigners on the eastern half of Turtle Island. If they try to do this, they will be committing another violation of the Two Row Wampum Agreement with our people. They know very well we never gave the colonists any rights over our land and resources. As the caretakers and trustees, we have the duty to protect the largest surface fresh water in the world. We Indigenous people are in their way but we are not going away.

Tom “Ol-Man-Canal” Kierans and GrandCo executives like Louis “Marine-Dead-Zone” Desmarais know that Indigenous resistance and sovereignty are the biggest obstacles to their greedy power seizing schemes. That is why Indigenous people like the Algonquins are bombarded with agents from every direction who are trying to confuse and subvert them. The Grand Canal would pass through Algonquin territory in the Canadian Shield of northern Quebec and Ontario.

Senator Salazar of Colorado controls the tap. He lives near Canadian billionaire Maurice “Meathead” Strong who “owns” all that land on top of the largest aquifer in the "USA". Strong is high up in the UN food chain. The resource grab will be “legalized” by setting up a UN army to enforce their attempted domination over us and our water. Is it a coincidence that Maude “Stiletto-Rubber-Boots” Barlow of Ottawa has been appointed as the “UN Senior Advisor on Water”?

Strong also works in Beijing with the Chinese. Huge water diversion projects will be done in China first where there are less environmental or labor laws. China is now building its South to North Water Diversion, the biggest engineering feat since the Three Gorge Dam built by Canadian companies. Half a million people will be relocated or forced to move.

One of the ways that the colonists destroyed our environment was through water diversion to do stupid projects like growing rice in the desert. Even within the last few years the salmon fishery on the Pacific coast has been destroyed to provide water for commercial farmers. They were so focused on immediate profits that they did not heed the damage they were causing to the environment. Turtle Island easily and comfortably supported a large Indigenous population before these catastrophic interventions by these European visitors.

California has just declared a state of emergency due to their four-year drought. Farmers have been denied water and forced to reduce their crops or to stop planting. Drought stricken southwestern USA and Mexico need irrigation to grow food for their market. The U.S. has been turned into a desert. Now they want to mess up the northern part of Turtle Island.

The “Grand Canal” scheme is supposed to divert what they call “wasted” water that flows into James Bay. One of their hair-brained schemes is to block off James Bay and turn it into a fresh water lake which will be diverted to the U.S. Do they realize that they’ll kill everything in the ocean by making it too salty? These plans are made by money grubbers, not ecologists or Indigenous people. It was first proposed by Tom Kierans in 1959. It’s an old rotten idea, just like the opportunists who thought it up. Kierans has no qualifications as an environmentalist. He’s not looking at the inevitable environmental collapse he wants to perpetrate.

Water will be sent for miles along concrete canals and aqueducts sometimes uphill. Nuclear energy will be the horse and wagon for this job. The venture is backed by powerful dirty engineering companies like the UMA Group, the SNC Group, Bechtel Canada Ltd., Rousseau, Sauve and Warren Inc. Kierans says that Lavalin, Canada's largest engineering company, is courting GrandCo, his company. Even Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. [AECL]hopes to supply CANDU reactors to power the pumps that will move up to 30 per cent of the discharge of the Great Lakes.

Canadian people aren’t opposing these schemes because they are too polite and too ignorant. They are also afraid the US will come and take the water by force anyway. The North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA, Security and Prosperity Partnership SPP and North American Union NAU are set up as “illegal diversions” for water theft. Don’t kid yourselves, the U.S. always behaved like vipers in these accords. When they want something, they take it. They don’t let the welfare of other people get in their way. Look at what happened in Iraq! The Great Lakes Water Compact recently approved by Congress and Parliament without any public discussion is a bucket full of holes. They’re going to need more than mops to swab up the humongous environmental disaster they’re trying to commit.

The White Mountain Apaches in Arizona just signed a deal to get clean water to drink. They were forced to give their water in the entire state so that hundreds of golf courses could be kept green. Arizona “loaned” the Apaches the money for their water treatment facility and reservoir. Most Apaches weren’t consulted. The agreement isn’t legal. It’s just the usual colonial con job!

These colonists have to sit with us on a “nation to nation” basis according to our treaties, agreements and inherent jurisdictionh, not on a “government to government” basis as they recently stated. They cannot deal with their hand maidens, the illegal “band” and “tribal” governments they’ve set up.

For us, we should resume growing corn, beans and squash, the sustainers of our ancestors. We need to stay closer to home and family to care for the earth and protect our communities from these water world vultures. These zany visitors from Europe and their passengers just can’t stop themselves from creating one calamity after another over here. Hey, Barack, Stephen, Ken, Maurice, Tom, Louis and Maude, why don’t you stand on the street corner with your empty pails. We might put in a few drops of water to quench your thirst. But that’s all! [For more information and contacts, see background notes are at the end of this article.]

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BACKGROUND NOTES: Water is the staff of life. We can live without oil, but not water. Some water usage statistics from the UN: Over the past century, the world population has tripled but water consumption has multiplied by a factor of 6. Urban dwellers use more water than rural dwellers for personal use. Right now, agriculture uses about 75% of water, industry 15% and domestic use the balance. Creating a glass of orange juice requires 850 litres of water to produce. A hamburger requires 2400 liters.
Strong worked at the UN in Environment and Economic Development. He was tainted in the oil-for-food scandal. He is still No. 2 at the UN.

The water diversion plan is a big secret scheme. The northern Quebec and Ontario Algonquin territory is being grabbed by Tom Kierans and his GrandCo. One of his backers is the think tank, the “Montreal Economic Institute” headed by the Desmarais family, which is supposedly worth $3.9 billion, all earned from extraction and exploitation of Indigenous resources.

Paul Desmarais Sr. son, Louis Desmarais, is on the board of GrandCo. Louis’ wife, Helene, is chair of the Montreal Economic Institute. Another brother is married to the daughter of former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien. The Desmarais family is also closely associated with former prime ministers Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney and Paul Martin. These people know that water will soon be more valuable than crude oil.

The Desmarais own Power Corp, one of Canada's biggest investment firms. Paul Volker, former US Federal Reserve chairman, is on Power Corp.'s international board. Power Corp. owns a major share in Total Group, formerly Total Fina Elf, the French company that wanted to buy oil from Iraq in Euros.

Power Corp. and BNP Paribas, a French bank, were involved in the UN “oil for food” scandal in Iraq. John Rae, Bob's brother, is on the board at Power Corp. and Pargesa Holding SA, a Paribas subsidiary. Bob Rae took a run at being head of the Liberal Party of Canada to become Prime Minister.

The Grand Canal — estimated in 1994 to cost $100-billion [in 1964 dollars] to build and another $1-billion a year to operate — sees a string of nuclear reactors and hydro dams to pump water uphill, and nine inter-basin transfer locations.

Water would be pumped south from the newly-formed James [Bay] Lake. This would be created by putting a dike across James Bay, which is the southern portion of Hudson’s Bay in northern Quebec and Ontario. This water would be made to flow into the Harricana River, crossing into the Great Lakes watershed near Amos, which is near Barriere Lake, into Lake Timiskaming and the Ottawa River. It would cross near Mattawa into Lake Nipissing and the French River to Lake Huron.

The Ogoki diversion moves water through Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon River into Lake Superior at a point 96 kilometres (60 miles) east of Thunder Bay Ontario. This water was diverted to support three hydroelectric plants on the Nipigon River in 1943. Two huge dams reverse the flow of water way in the wilderness.

The Long Lac diversion diverts water through Long Lake and the Aguasabon River into Lake Superior near Terrace Bay. The diversion provides water for the hydroelectric plant near Terrace Bay and to drive pulpwood down the river.

The Chicago diversion was built after the cholera epidemic which killed over 90,000 people in 1890's. It resulted from raw sewage being dumped into the lake at Chicago. The river was diverted to carry it away to the Mississippi River. Because of Chicago's growing population there is always pressure to increase this diversion out of the Great Lakes.

Many insane diversions have been suggested, often involving blasting and paving waterways. The most persistent is the Grand Canal which was first proposed by Tom Kierans in 1959. The multinationals know about the forthcoming water shortages because they are causing it.

Crandon Mine, Wisconsin, is owned by Exxon and Rio Algom. They propose to develop an underground hard rock metallic sulfide mine near Crandon, Wisconsin, in the Wolf River Basin, which is in the Great Lakes Basin. The company wants to mine 55 million tons of ore, extracting primarily copper and zinc and some lead, silver and gold.

"...Crandon Mining Company proposes to pump out the withdrawn groundwater through a 38 mile pipeline to the Wisconsin River to avoid costly water treatments required to return it to the Lake Michigan watershed."

"...As of February 1997, this proposal was still under consideration by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The proposal is opposed by the Mole Lake Reservation, a large number of local organizations and local governments along both the Wolf and Wisconsin Rivers." Surrounding states and provinces approved this water diversion in 1998.

Great Lakes United staff member Bruce Kershner and intern Carl Bolster found: "the areas with the highest potential to raise demands to divert water from the Great Lakes are Kenosha-Pleasant Prairie (Wisconsin), Lowell-Gary-Hobart (Indiana), Waukesha-New Berlin-Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Akron-Cleveland (Ohio), Chicago (Illinois) and New York City. Recent diversion requests are proving the accuracy of this study."

Diversion within Great Lakes basin: "For the past several years, the Ontario government and several municipalities in southern Ontario have been considering proposals by private companies to build a $500-million pipeline to divert 190 to 229 mld (50 to 60 mgd) of water from Georgian Bay on Lake Huron to provide water to York, Peel, Halton, Wellington and Waterloo Regions.48 This intrabasin transfer would bypass much of Lake Huron, all of the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers, and, depending on the municipality served, Lake Erie and the Niagara River."
Grate lakes have different mineral content. Georgian Bay has drinkable water. Northern mountains have certain hormones that eat up certain viruses as they flow south.

York Region, just north of Toronto, has most actively pursued this proposal, after awarding a tender to provide future water supplies to a consortium of Consumers Gas and British Northwest. In 1996, they came out with a proposal to draw 655 mld (177 mgd) of water from Georgian Bay and discharge treated sewage into Lake Ontario. Several citizens groups, including the Georgian Bay Association, the Safe Sewage Committee, the Canadian Environmental Law Association and Great Lakes United, objected on environmental grounds. In December 1996, York Regional Council dropped the proposal to divert water from Georgian Bay, primarily for economic reasons."

Commission for Environmental Cooperation - Mexico has serious water problems. Much of the US groundwater aquifers are being rapidly depleted.
"It [grand canal]can add 10% to Canada's fresh water," Kierans claimed in a 1989 presentation to American water regulators in Boston. Global warming, droughts and depleted water reserves in the prairies, California and the US Midwest make the GRAND project inevitable, he says. Now, Kierans says, individual pieces of the project are coming together. Lake Diefenbaker became operational in 1968, and the controversial Rafferty-Alameda dams in southern Saskatchewan - which are being constructed with substantial American financing - would help to regulate the release of water into the Souris and Missouri river systems, Kierans says. "
."..The venture is backed by powerful engineering companies - the UMA Group, the SNC Group, Bechtel Canada Ltd., and Rousseau, Sauve, Warren Inc. Kierans says that Lavalin, Canada's largest engineering company is courting GRANDCO. Even Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. [AECL] hopes to supply CANDU reactors to power the pumps.
Kierens company is GrandCo. Chair of Board is "Louis Desmarais, Liberal MP from 1979 to 1984 in Montreal; president of J.D.E. Consulting Services Ltd.; chairman of Canadian Home Assurance Co; Power Corporation; and Canada Steamship Lines. "GRANDCO Joint Ventures for Engineering is headed by Gilles Mariner, who recently returned to the SNC Group from the James Bay Energy Corporation..."

SEARCH TERMS: Great Recycling and Northern Development Canal; Thomas Kierans and GrandCo; Simon Reisman, negotiator for the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement; the late Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa; Brian Mulroney , former Prime Minister, on board of food cartel, Archer, Daniels Midland; Rafferty and Alameda dams in Alberta; Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan; Montreal Economic Institute, Helene Desmarais; Alliance for the Great Lakes; American Rivers; Karel Mayrand of David Suzuki Foundation, Quebec; Louis Desmarais; Bill C-6; Great Lakes Compact; Mitch Bronfman and Maurice Strong; WATER: RETHINKING MANAGEMENT IN AN AGE OF SCARCITY, Worldwatch Institute; Power Corp., Paul Desmarais, Jr.; Garda World Security Corporation; "Great Lakes Water Wars" by Peter Annin.
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