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Monday, October 12, 2009

Alaska Inter-tribal Council: Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day, Oct. 12

Christopher who? Today is Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day

By Alaska Inter-Tribal Council
Censored News
Since 1934, October 12th has been recognized as Columbus Day. Some states, including South Dakota and Hawaii have ceased honoring Columbus Day and have created holidays celebrating the First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples. For example, our Indigenous Brothers in Venezuela have changed from celebrating Columbus Day to celebrating Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day. The Alaska Inter-Tribal Council is calling on the State of Alaska to begin celebrating Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day each year on October 12th as an official state holiday. The State of Alaska should recognize this day as Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day, to show respect for Indigenous Peoples. Lets Urge Governor Sean Parnell by e-mail, fax, phone call or mail to change this holiday to recognize and respect, our Elders, Alaska's First Nations, and Our Indigenous Ancestors. Tell Governor Parnell to respect the first people and first nations. Our Tribes have existed long before Columbus, have remained long after, and will remain forever.
Governor Sean Parnell, Phone (907) 269-7450Fax (907) 269-7461 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1700
Anchorage, AK 99501

Webcast interview of fishing incident at Kasaan
AI-TC Volunteers have been working with Tribal Leaders to expose the racially motivated actions of Alaska State Employees on Traditional Tribal Hunting & Fishing Grounds. Tribal Members should not be harassed for exercising legally protected hunting and fishing rights.
AI-TC has produced a video interview of Jeff Sheakley Jr. describing the recent incident as it occurred in Kasaan. Please download and distribute this video where appropriate. The video is viewable at the following web address:

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