Friday, October 16, 2009

The Forgotten Navajo

The Forgotten Navajo: People in needNews, Special Reports
NYU Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute

On the side of Gray Mountain in Northeast Arizona, Lorraine Curley lives alone in a two-room concrete home. Her roof is tarpaper and tin, and her bathroom is a wooden outhouse 50 feet from her door. Living without electricity or water is a way of life for Curley; she has, after all, been restricted by the Bennett Freeze, a law enacted in 1966 and not lifted until last May. Because of that law, more than...
Rolanda Tahani has been drinking water from a well behind her house for decades. And just recently she was informed it has been contaminated with uranium since the 1970s. Her mysterious health problems — developing cancers and debilitating infections — finally make sense. But Tahani still has no relief, as she continues to consume the water: It’s her only source, she says.

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