Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peabody Coal, and media, fall to new dirty lows

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Today, Vernon Masayesva, Hopi, reveals that the Hopi Tribal Council has been taken over by a pro-Peabody Coal faction. Further, Masayesva reveals that the Hopi Tribal Council hired Tina May as its press officer and the Arizona Republic is publishing one-sided, biased press release coverage by Tina May, former senior editor at the Arizona Republic. Already this week, the Associated Press' dark and biased coverage was revealed in "Lazy journalists are the darlings of the corporations."
AP also published press releases of politicians and corporations, without interviewing the Navajo and Hopi environmental organizations and people living on the land.
Peabody Coal's use of a tribal attorney to carry out its dirty work is the same tactic Peabody used originally to seize Black Mesa for coal mining and bring about Navajo relocation for coal mining, by way of attorney John Boyden, who worked for Peabody and the Hopi Tribe.
The media, along with the politicians and corporations, have blamed and disrespected traditional Navajo and Hopi traditional grassroots people defending the land.
Both the Associated Press and Arizona Republic have relied on slick and easy press release coverage, written by politicians and corporations, and disregarded the comments of the people.
Please read the full statements of Hopis and Navajos at Censored News:

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