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Monday, October 12, 2009

Larry Emerson: NASA's defilement of the moon

By Larry Emerson
Dine' Nation

Censored News

I am a bit confused that Native people and organizations don't seem to be speaking to the violent nature of NASA missiles that struck the moon in their alleged search for water.

Maybe Native people are presently gearing up to speak out against NASA's action, I don't know. But so far the silence - Native or not - is somewhat puzzling. Yet, I know we can't often recognize our colonialized mentalities and don't question totalitarian scientists and their politicians.

Isn't moon a sacred being to us all? Isn't it an outrage that the next stage of the moon's colonization has begun? Or that the moon being, sacredly named in each of our Indigenous languages, now has a missile projectile in her body?

NASA scientists are despotic and arrogant, presuming they can bomb the moon without the consent of world governments and Indigenous nations.

Perhaps you all are writing and speaking out about this already. I just want you to know the anger, pain, outrage, and nausea I feel about this whole thing. Neocolonial violence never seems to cease.

A few websites who disagree with NASA's action:
Larry Emerson
Diné Nation

Comment from Robert Tohe, Dine'
This desecration will have ramifications as the moon is intimately tied to all female life and cycles. This is tantamount to assaulting a female.
NASA over the years has continuously violated the moon.
NASA need to get a message loud and clear.
No more desecration of the moon.


Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you Larry Emerson. I was thinking I was the only one objecting to this bombing of the moon. The moon is sacred to me as a poet. At every poetry reading that I regularly attend, I would preceed my poems with a strong objection to this desecration of our most precious friend. That rocket was going about 5,500 mph when it hit the moon! Wow. It's one thing for an asteroid or a comet fragment to hit it hard like that, but for us to deliberately smash our one companion is just wrong. I was also wondering if NASA did an environmental impact report before the project. Did any of them ask the question what effect will this might have on not only the moon but the earth? On poets? Native people? On our tides, our orbit, etc? What spiritual effect as well as physical effects? We should keep an eye out for future such projects and make our objections strongly heard before another such risky endeavor takes place.
Stephanie Manning
Berkeley, California

Anonymous said...

I am in total shock that this has happened and that there is not public outcry. To bomb the moon and there not be any sort of accountability for this outrageously funded organization is just crazy. Not only is the moon a sacred entity, but the amount of funding and energy put into a desecration like this is preposterous. In times of "economic hardship" and the spreading of disease, we are bombing a being who helps regulate our oceans, waters and our women's bodies. When will the arrogance of our human race never cease?

Anonymous said...

My blog about the moon didn't leave chance for ID:
Gary McAlpin -Cherokee/Natchez/Choctaw/Celtic

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Anonymous said...

Since all our problems historically can be traced to elitism and greed, I have a feeling that the corporate folks must want something on the moon. Ever since last fall, I can't look at the moon without apologizing; now I want to be involved. I will look at the referenced websites, but here's another idea (and it's good if more than one person or organization is demanding information): I'd like to send a "Freedom of Information Act" request to NASA to see what commercial water companies have participated in or funded this horrible act.

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