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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Secret and not so secret agents of the Colonial State poison the atmosphere

from the Eagle Watch #10

Secret and Not So Secret Agents of the Colonial State Poison the Atmosphere
October 10, 2009

What would happen if we all isolated ourselves and then called everyone who disagrees with us, secret agents of the colonial state? It could be anyone, even YOU. It doesn't matter if you're Native or nonNative, cop or criminal, male or female. It doesn't matter what you've done with your life, you could be an agent and not even know it.

When the Bolsheviks were running Russia, they encouraged school children to spy on their parents and families and report them to the authorities for things they said or did. This creates rifts between people and difficult situations for communities and groups of people. Everyone is wondering who is spying on them. When bad things happen, people start to lay blame. They are in a suspicious and fearful state of mind which causes them to lash out wildly, even attacking innocent people in their fury.

We emailed a woman, we'll now call "Coyote in Bearskins", at the time of the uranium protests here near Sharbot Lake in June, 2007. The protest organizers were asking everyone to contact media and friends about the threat of uranium mining. At that time, we ourselves were just beginning to piece together what a fraud this police-led Native protest really was.

We thought "Coyote in Bearskins" could help get the word out against uranium mining which would pollute the air, land and water of the entire region, including her community near Montreal. She wrote a widely published internet newsletter.

We sent her scads of info from the Sharbot Lake community, the encampment at the minesite as well as our research from the internet. Some people got pretty angry at us because of it. Over 35 articles were the result. "Coyote in Bearskins" claimed it was best for our security that she edit and sign the articles, even the ones we researched and wrote. She said she wanted to protect us. We learned a lot working with her.

"Coyote in Bearskins" phoned us 3, 4 or 5 times a day to get "updates". This continued after the encampment was dismantled and excitement died down at Sharbot Lake up until quite recently. She said she wanted our mind. She even gave us an Indigenous name which made us feel important. Fortunately, another woman had the decency to explain to us that it was just a pen-name. Silly us, we thought it showed Coyote's great esteem for us, according to the Kaienerakowa, the Great Law of Peace, Wampum #67. Finally we realized it was time to move on.

We're trying to write about what's really happening in the world around us. We piece together fragments of information on related subjects as seen from our perspective here at the Eagle Watch. People come to us with more information and comments that add to the picture over time. We are looking ahead for the future. You could say the work we do is futuristic. We also study the past.

History provides many examples. Historical versions of events often vary. History influences our sense of who we are.

The early colonialists knew this. When they came here to Turtle Island, they sought to destroy our records and any recognition of our past, especially those things that would make us feel proud of our heritage, our ancestors and ourselves. This is part of the psychological warfare. They wanted to make us out as disorganized savages when, in fact, we had highly organized peaceful societies and lived in cities where culture and language flourished. We need to get this awareness back. It gives us strength.

Hitler is a well known extreme historical example. He used a combination of timing, diplomacy, intrigue, extreme violence and terror to build his megalo plans. He was also manipulated by others who played the same game. He back stabbed so many people that he was constantly paranoid about plots against himself. Finally, some people who wanted to liquidate their enemies set Hitler up til he was getting hysterical. They made him think a plot was brewing to kill him. In the ensuing purge in June, 1934, an untold number of German people were summarily executed by Goering, Himmler and the S.S, maybe as many as 1,000. These people were chosen because of some grudge Hitler, Goering or Himmler held against them, often for many years. These guys were ruthlessly vindictive. Those murdered included rivals in political or military positions, journalists and even the secretaries and lovers of some of these individuals.

The rest of the German people had their minds frozen numb from the terror. Many people were afraid to speak out and that is just what Nazi, fascist, totalitarian regimes want. Once he had control of Germany, Hitler continued to build his empire starting with war on neighbouring states in Europe.

The psychological warfare for your mind is very critical, an essential part of any war strategy. Piles of falsified information and an army of media whores are obstacles in our way. Demoralized people who have no courage have little desire to fight back. People are often defeated just by the thinking that things are hopeless. We gain courage from knowing who we are.

Who is really the secret colonial agent in our midst? How many could there be? Who is really the Indigenous sovereigntist? How many people are neither? There really are some provocateurs and infiltrators. We can't dismiss this reality.

Dangerous accusations are flying around. People get hurt when this happens. Remember CoIntelPro and Anna Mae Aquash. This mass confusion and suspicion is just what the secret elitists want. It creates a poisonous atmosphere at a time when people are searching for much needed answers and solutions. Who are we to believe? Who can we trust?

It is really basic for us to know who we are so that when we look around, we can find people we can trust. We need to be calm and critically analytical without getting hysterical. We learn from our mistakes cause we all make plenty and gain wisdom from our experience. As true Ongwehonwe and Nishnaabe people we keep our eyes on the path ahead for the sake of our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren. We must never give up.


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Notes and Sources
"The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer

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