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May 26, 2010

Larry Kibby: The Dreaded US Apology

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
The Dreaded U.S. Apology
By Larry Kibby
On May 19, 2010, an event was held at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., an event in which several Federal Representatives and several Tribal Representatives were in attendance, an event directed to the American Indians of these United States in which the Government issued a "Formal Apology for Ill-Conceived Policies and Acts of Violence committed against them."

The following comments are my own opinion and personal viewpoint of this event that took place on Wednesday, May 19, 2010, which in a manner of speaking is simple, what a "Sad Inhuman Joke!"

"The U.S. government apologizes on behalf of the people of the United States to all Native Peoples for many instances of violence, maltreatment and neglect inflicted on” American Indians by U.S. citizens." Wrong! We're talking about hundreds of years of prejudicial inhuman brutal beatings, torture and murder of innocent Elders, Women, Teens, Children, Infants, Medicine folks and Holy People by the United States Government, United States Army and U.S. Citizens and the reality of that is this, that the United States Government and Army are both "Guilty" of enacting and carrying out the "Worlds Worst Ever" Genocide and Holocaust against the American Indian.

"Ill-Conceived Policies?" More like several Centuries of pure "Racial Hate Policies!" You don't shoot a baby in the head and then crush its skull in with a rifle butt and call that "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

When women, teens and children are sexually assaulted and brutally raped and their genitals sometimes cut out and worn as decorations, that is not "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

When children are forcibly removed from their families and homes and dragged to boarding schools, where they are forced to have their hair cut, beaten when they speak their own language or practice their culture and beliefs or are sexually assaulted and raped, that is not "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

When families of elderly, women, teens, children and babies are sleeping peaceably and then suddenly attacked, beaten, hacked to death and out and out murdered, that is not "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

When deceit and lies, beatings and even murder are utilized as a means to religiously convert Indian people, that is not "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

When Nation after Nation of Indian people are brutally and inhumanly removed from their traditional home lands for no justified reason, that is not "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

The list of inhuman atrocities against the American Indian by the United States Government, U.S. Army, U.S. Citizens goes on and on and for sure they were and are not "ill-conceived policies or an act of violence!"

"The history of the U.S. (toward American Indians) is not a bright record." No, it is not a bright record, I'd say it is down right shameful, disgraceful and historical record full of "Pure Racial Hate." An historical record of inhuman acts and brutal inhuman murder, terrorism towards a people of the worst kind.

Today, despite the historical past of their ancestors, hundreds, if not thousands of our people have become strongly assimilated and religiously converted, there is no wrong in that, it is their life and their right to choose how they so desire to live.

As well, in this day and age, despite the historical past of their ancestors, we have hundreds if not thousands of our tribal people who have at one point in time wore and still wear the colors of the armed forces, people who have and continue to fight and die honorably and with dignity for this country and all of its citizens.

Of course in these contemporary, what with so many of our tribal folks who have travel the road of assimilation and who have converted to non-Indian religions, there are some of those folks who have and continue to denounce the Ancient Customs and Belief's of our Ancestors, who seemly walk along side of the Anti-Indian Movement.

And what about the hundreds of Broken Treaties? What about this Government, Corporations and American possession of the mineral wealth taken from this land that was accumulated through the murder of our people? What about the millions and millions of acres of land that was stolen through the death of our people?

Turncoats, Tribal Corruption, Criminal Activity, Liars and Frauds have aided and abetted the American Government in its endeavor to distort, destroy and desecrate all that represents Indian Country, the Ancient Customs and Belief's of the American Indian.

517 years of Injustice, there is no real logical means that can unravel the continued on-going racial hate, prejudice and discrimination of the Governments so-called "Ill-Conceived Policies and Acts of Violence."

If anything, it is time to stop the Racial Hate, Inhuman Acts and Policies of Cultural Genocide towards the American Indian and then maybe begin working towards creating a genuine and unique Apology.

Written and Prepared by: Larry Kibby -
Elko, Nevada 89801

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