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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Phoenix March Against Racist Legislation May 29, 2010

Get Ready to March against SB1070 On May 29th, tens of thousands of people from all over the country will come to Phoenix and march to repudiate SB1070. We will demand that Congress and President Obama stand on the right side of history and take immediate and concrete action to stop SB1070 in Arizona. Join us in making history on May 29th! March to Stop SB1070!
Gather May 29th at 8:00 AM: The March will start at Indian Steele Park (Indian School Road and N 3rd Street) march to the State Capitol (N 17th Ave and W Adams St)
Tel: (602) 314-5870 /
For info on caravaning from Tucson call Derechos Humanos @ 770-1373 For more information:
Diana Perez: (602) 579-2879 Leah Carnine: (541) 514-1694
National Day of Action Against SB1070
May 29, 2010
O'odham Solidarity Across Borders Collective sends you greetings from occupied O'odham lands, We urge all who support indigenous nations and migrant communities to join us on Saturday May 29th at the National Day of Action Against SB1070 to demand that Border Patrol (BP), Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), their parent entity, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Obama administration end militarization of the border, end the criminalization of immigrant communities, and end their campaign of terror which tear families apart through increasing numbers of raids and deportations.

This contingent is in support of the O'odham elders, and other indigenous elders that will be leading the march. It is a follow-up to last Friday’s (May 21st) Peaceful Occupation of the US Border Patrol Headquarters in Tucson, AZ. We hope to use this formation to voice the end of border militarization and racist, colonial laws that attack not just indigenous communities, but migrant ones too. We hope to project true Indigenous/Migrant solidarity in the face of the state's police oppression, and the immigration reform movement’s suppressive tactics to further marginalize the indigenous voice in border policies and colonial laws that affect us all.

The contingent also calls on the State of Arizona to repeal the racist Senate Bill 1070 that criminalizes immigrant communities on the state level, makes it illegal to transport or harbor an undocumented person regardless of family relationship, requires police agencies to engage in racial profiling, and ultimately is an attempt to ethnically cleanse Arizona of those with brown skin.

The contingent demands:
• An end to border militarization
• The immediate repeal of SB1070 and 287g
• An end to all racial profiling and the criminalization of communities of color
• No ethnic cleansing or cultural genocide
• No border patrol encroachment/sweeps on sovereign native land
• No to comprehensive immigration reform that further militarizes the border or exploits migrant labor
• No Deportations
• No Raids
• No ID-verification
• No Checkpoints

• Yes to immediate and unconditional regularization (“legalization”) of all people
• Yes to human rights
• Yes to dignity
• Yes to respect
• Yes to respecting Indigenous Peoples inherent right of migration

Support looks like:
• Banners calling for an end to border militarization,for migrant/indigenous solidarity, and drawing the connection between racist laws like SB1070/287g/HB2281, immigration reform and the destruction of indigenous and migrant communities.
• Noise makers, puppets and other visuals, etc.
•Cop Watching, video documentation, legal observation of the contingent and the march to ensure safety in light of police repression
•Medics prepared for sun exposure, dehydration, police attacks
•Our own “security” – not to police our people, but to deescalate the police, step-in as a barrier in case of a police attack, help people cross the street, etc.
•People who can flyer/lecture expressing our message.

Join us on Friday, May 28th to help prepare for the following day. Bring materials to finish making signs, banners, noise makers, etc. To connect, let us know you're down, meet up with us on Friday, if you have any questions or for more information, contact Alex Soto @ 602.881.6027 or Ned @323.541.2352 or
Please check out

Native American Heritage Coalition
By Benjamin Chee
(602) 930-6791
Native American Heritage Coalition of Phoenix Position on Arizona SB1070

PHOENIX – The Native American Heritage Coalition (NAHC), an organization of urban Native American tribal members based in Phoenix, Arizona stands in opposition to Arizona SB 1070 as a violation of civil rights and human rights, and is taking action in support of the legal challenges now moving forward in the courts and at the community level.

“The Native American Heritage Coalition is adamant in our opposition to SB 1070 because we are now drawn into the maelstrom of possible racial profiling,” said Benjamin Chee, spokesperson for the NAHC.

The NAHC is a long standing organization of Native American community members that led the fight for the preservation of the Indian School property and oversees the development of the Steele Indian School Park on behalf of the interests of the diverse tribal constituencies of the City of Phoenix.

Addressing the immediate and future impact of SB 1070 for the Native American community, Mr. Chee stated: “Due to inter-cultural marriage many of our tribal members have Hispanic names. This fact will obviously influence targeting us in the application of SB 1070.”

In addition, the State of Arizona is well known for its richness of it's diverse cultures, concern for ecological preservation as well as its vast economic potential. Its continuing prosperity depends upon effective partnerships among the states many communities. Constant efforts must be devoted to stimulate participation in the building of a diverse yet unified citizenry.

In terms of the impact of the national and international economic boycotts of Arizona in reaction to the passage of SB1070, the NAHC is calling upon the leadership of the business communities across the state and among the tribal nations to work together to address the economic injustices that are exacerbated by the impact of SB1070, and move into a proactive comprehensive economic development strategy that builds upon Principles of Economic Justice, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights for all.

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