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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

University of Arizona just got a lot creepier

U of A: The University of Arizona is quickly becoming the University of Apartheid

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Dysfunctional Boeing spy tower in Arivaca, Ariz./Photo Brenda Norrell
TUCSON -- After the University of Arizona installed a global cyber spy on its staff and partnered with Homeland Security, it seemed the university could not get any weirder or less ethical.
Not so.
The latest student research targets people of color, brown people exactly. It is apartheid in the making, just as it was in the spy apparatus production at the Palestine/Israeli border.
Tucson's News Channel 4 interviewed Riley McIsaac, program manager for BORDERS from the Border Center at the Eller School of Management, at the university. McIssac described new technology in the Detection Lab.
First McIssac describes how students are being taught how to tell if someone if lying about their passport. The university says it has figured out how to "detect who the good guys and who are the bad guys."
Of course, they are talking about brown people, "bad" brown people, "bad" lying brown people.
News 4 reported, "And over at Optical Sciences, researchers are working on a sensor network. Sensor nodes will be housed in a box that is about 1 cubic foot. And because they are solar powered, the devices can be placed in remote desert areas."
"The border is a vast area. You can't have agents being there all the time," says Dr. Nasser Peyghambarian, PhD. The sensors will detect motion, vibration, pressure and temperature. Eventually if, for example, a vehicle with dangerous chemicals crosses, "It would detect the chemical; it would detect traces of that chemical or biological elements and send a signal to the operating saying, 'hey there's something going on here,'" News 4 reported.
However, the Boeing Corp.'s multi-million dollar spy tower debacle at the Arizona border has already failed so miserably that it is ripe for Saturday Night Live material. Those are the spy towers constructed along the border, with their many strange and dysfunctional Wi-Fi components in the rugged Arizona desert, at taxpayer's expense. Those are the towers with sensors that never worked. That was the same mess that Boeing subcontracted the Apartheid maker Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor, to work on under Boeing's Secure Border contract. Elbit also designed surveillance for the Palestine Apartheid Wall.
So, now the University of Arizona has its students learning how to target brown people. First, and foremost, the university is looking for brown people who are liars.
Hopefully when this unravels even more, university students will start asking for their money back, based on the university's failure to maintain ethical standards, and filing lawsuits demanding disclosure of how much of their personal data is being mined by the university's global cyber spy department.
Anyone who has ever used one of the library computers at the University of Arizona, and then suddenly had a man in a suit standing at their side, demanding to know why they are writing a particular e-mail as the computer screen blacks out, knows that the Internet spying by the university has been going on for many years.
Students: Find out what they are doing with your information and if they are reading your personal e-mails.
It is one step back from apartheid and one step away from allowing the university to become a Nazi-type training center.
Of course, the university doesn't restrict itself to just targeting brown people from the Americas in its racial and religious profiling and apartheid instructional programs.
The university also has its: "Dark Web Terrorism Research" department.
No, that is not a joke.
The program description states, "As part of its Dark Web project, the Artificial Intelligence Lab has for several years collected international jihadist forums. These online discussion sites are dedicated to topics relating primarily to Islamic ideology and theology."
The university is very proud of its cyber spying being carried out by Dr. Hsinchun Chen and its "Artificial Intelligence" funding from the US Defense Department.


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