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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grassroots Indigenous Delegation seeks sponsors to Cancun Climate Summit

Grassroots Indigenous Delegate seeks sponsor to Cancun Climate Summit
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Bolivia Declarations at:
Ofelia Rivas, founder of the O'odham Voice Against the Wall, served as cochair of the important Working Group on Indigenous Peoples at the Bolivia Climate Summit in Cochabamba in April. Ofelia lives on Tohono O'odham land near the US/Mexico border and is a constant voice of human rights as a traditional, ceremonial O'odham. She is one of two women receiving the 2010 Borderlinks Women on the Border Award and advocates for the right of Indigenous Peoples to travel in their own territories without harassment. She is a supporter of the Zapatistas and the struggle for autonomy and dignity in Mexico. (Photo Ofelia Rivas, center, at Bolivia Climate Summit by Ben Powless, Mohawk.)
Censored news publisher Brenda Norrell, also seeks a sponsor, in order to provide independent online radio and print media coverage of the Cancun Climate Summit. (Photo: Govinda in his solar-powered radio bus, at the end of the 5-month Longest Walk Talk Radio across America in 2008. Photo by Lenny Foster in DC.)
UPDATE: Govinda/Earthcycles is now in Cancun, and has funding for his stay there! Govinda will be webcasting live for the Indigenous Environmental Network's Red Road Cancun.
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