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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kawaiisu Indians: Developer does not own remains of families

Kawaiisu protecting burial grounds from developer in California
News release
As California develops its Open Space, Native American Sacred Sites are being destroyed. The State’s environmental law, CEQA, is cited in a Federal Court case brought by a Tribe to protect their Ancestors burial grounds. The Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon objects to a phrase in a Kern County EIR, where it states that the corporate developer “owns the remains” of their families.
This case also seeks to resolve a problem long cited by California Tribes, the proper designation of Most Likely Descendants, Consultants and Monitors, by the California Native American Heritage Commission. Tejon Mountain Village (TMV) is a 26 thousand acre resort development
on land owned by the Tejon Ranch Corporation, a publicly traded entity. The project proposes three hotels, 750 resort lodging units, 3400 homes and 160,000 sq. ft. of commercial development. The acreage falls within the Indian Country of the Kawaiisu people and has over 50 documented pre-historic village sites. The Kawaiisu are one of the ancient Great Basin Shoshone Paiute Tribes, whose pre-European territory extended from Utah to the Pacific Ocean.
This case also cites the federal acknowledgement process, the Administrative Procedure Act and Repatriation of Native American remains. The Tribe’s case is litigated by Christopher K. King, of
Washington, DC. To read the August 15, 2010 Amended Complaint, visit the Eastern District Court of California case number 1:09 CV 01977 OWW SMS or view the pleading at the Tribes blog:
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Quit kicking Wikileaks

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

While the US is kicking and screaming about Wikileaks posting data, no one pays attention to the documents already posted by the US Army itself, including the Special Operations manual that describes the extensive support to guerrillas (terrorists) by US military special operations to carry out violence. Among the US goals is to destabilize governments and keep wars going.

Wikileaks exposed the fact that the US has been paying the Taliban and resistance forces.

Already online, posted by the US Army itself, is: "A Leader's Handbook to Unconventional Warfare." It describes in detail how the US military supports guerrilla movements (terrorists):

Among the legal and moral questions this raises: Where did the weapons and ammunition come from that were recently used to murder volunteer doctors in Afghanistan?

How many US, British and others have been killed because of the US support given to the Taliban and others?

Under the guise of the drug war in the south, how many Americans have been killed and tortured as a result of the training at the US School of the Americas and the US weapons provided?

Why isn't the media asking the questions.

Murdered Migrants near the Border: Incovenient Truth for the US

By Brenda Norrell
Photo: California border by Brenda Norrell.

The 72 people murdered at a ranch in Tamaulipas State, about 100 miles south of Brownsville, Texas, were migrants. A survivor from Ecuador, shot in the neck, said those murdered were migrants from Ecuador, Brazil, Honduras and El Salvador. The bodies of 58 men and 14 women were found in a one room.

Most migrants are Indigenous Peoples from Central and South America. They have nothing and are walking north through Mexico trying to survive. They are often kidnapped and help for ransom. Those who have no way of paying the kidnappers are shot, one by one, or tortured in front of the others. They are asked to give a phone number of a person in the US that can pay the ransom, if they have no one, they are killed. This is revealed in the new documentary "The Invisibles," which just premiered in Tucson.

The US news media fails to point out that the most vicious killers in Mexico, the Zetas running the drug trafficking, were trained by the United States as Special Forces at the US School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Ga. The US Army Rangers Special Forces were part of this training. It was after this training that they became the Zetas and began their torturing and murdering rampage through Mexico.

The other fact that the US fails to admit is this: It is the US appetite for drugs that creates the drug war in Mexico.

No one tells this part of the story.

The US media fails to tell another story. It is the truth of the displacement of Indigenous Peoples, primarily corn farmers in Central and South America, from their homelands by NAFTA and other trade agreements. The corporate takeovers of their lands for dams, energy development and corporate enterprises, using military and paramilitary units, have created homelessness for masses of Indigenous Peoples.

US corporations, including Chiquita Bananas in Colombia, have admitted in US court that they use hired assassins to eliminate Indigenous Peoples and poor farmers from their land.

Those who walk north are desperate people trying to survive.
UPDATE: On Friday, the lead investigator and a police officer were missing following the ranch massacre of 72 migrants. Two car bombs exploded, one at a police station and another at a television station.