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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Havasupai: Peoples Movements Assembly Southwest Organizing Tour

By the Peoples Movements Assembly
Southwest Organizing Tour

A road trip through the United States Southwest Region to organize social movement gatherings, Peoples Movements Assembly, and to meet and interview 'luchadores' and 'luchadoras' of the frontline struggles for social change.

Dianna Uqualla from the Supai Tribe

It was an honor for us to interview with Dianna Uqualla from the Havasupai Tribe located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the southern rim. She is a traditional elder and leader of the tribe and has served on the Tribal government council. She is fighting to save her village and people from the encroachment of uranium mining.

Fue un honor de poder entrevistar a Dianna Uqualla del Tribu Havasupai que se encuentra en el fondo del gran canon en el estado de Arizona. Este tribu vive en el fondo del gran canon desde la edad del hielo, decenas de miles de anhos. Ella es una lider tradicional indigena que tambien fue parte del consejo de gobierno del tribu.

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