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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ben Carnes: Testifying in the corrupt Cobell case

Ghost Dancer by Leonard Peltier
Struggling to get to DC to testify in the corrupt Cobell case, Ben Carnes offers Leonard Peltier lithographs to cover the costs

By Ben Carnes, Choctaw
Censored News

Hawk Man by Leonard Peltier

I need to fly to Washington, DC from Dallas Fort-Worth on June 19th and return on the evening of June 20th. I am scheduled to speak at the Fairness Hearing regarding the Cobell Settlement at 10 am on June 20th.

My position is that the case was about gaining a full accounting of the mismanaged (stolen) funds from our accounts. It was about losing more land in the process from families who already have little, and the fair market value doesn't include the price of the sovereignty that is attached to the land as our intrinsic right, or a 10 year time limit on use of educational funding.

I'm in opposition to what amounts to a cover up, because if the settlement is approved, then we are told we waive any future claims. The theft of our funds is a violation of the fiduciary trust relationship the government holds. If they cannot be trusted, then the proper remedy would be the dissolution of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and criminal prosecution of those responsible. Once justice is served, then they can talk about what is truly owed to us.

There are 19 of us who are scheduled to speak at this hearing. Just a few out of several hundred thousand who are members of this class action lawsuit, who filed an objection and a notice to speak at the hearing. We all hope to make our voice count for many of those who could not appear or believed they could make a difference. We've been made to feel that there is nothing that can be done to stand in the way of the government and corporations when they want something. The most important thing here is that we just cannot sit back and be silent! Our lands will be there forever, but the measly crumbs they will send out in checks will be gone in just a few days.

Medicine Man by Leonard Peltier
I have these three Leonard Peltier lithos to select from. I can give two of each, and they sell for $60 on up. They were given to me by the committee a few years ago as a gift and to do with as I needed. If anyone has the frequent flier miles to secure me a plane ticket, I'll be more than happy to send these to you.
Ghostdancer: 2 for sale; Hawkman 2: 6 for sale; Medicine Man none for sale

You can reach me privately at my email: bencarnes@rocketmail,com or if you want to purchase any that are for sale, that would also be helpful in covering some of my expenses for this trip. I've reserved two of each for anyone who can get me a flight, which means someone is getting the last two "Medicine Man" lithos I have left.
Fairness hearing scheduled for June 20:
See 'court document' in the article for those opposing the settlement who will testify

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