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April 12, 2014

Pte Ospiye Spiritual Camp at Bridger begins resisting Black Snake tarsands pipeline

Chief Arvol Looking Horse blesses new camp resisting Black Snake tarsands pipeline

By Joye Braun, Lakota
Censored News
Today April 12, 2014

Joye Braun
Cheyenne River Lakota
The Pte Ospiye Spiritual Camp in Bridger has its grounds blessed today by the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe. Campers and organizers of the camp started the journey of the camp in Green Grass, South Dakota, with prayers and then caravaned to Bridger for the blessing of the grounds.
Tipis will be set up Monday, and grounds will be worked on while the camp progresses. The campers were told by elders to camp, just camp, and pray everything will work out in the end. So that is what they are doing. The camp is awaiting promised funds to be deposited into their account with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, in the meantime, they are in desperate need of support from the outside community who are also worried about the Black Snake Crossing ancestral lands and treaty land.
Donated supplies can be sent to Pte Ospiye Camp c/o Toni and Byron Buffalo at 532 Chinatown, EB, PO Box 863 , Eagle Butte 57625 monetary donations can be sent to CRST Madam Treasurer PO Box 590 Eagle Butte SD 57625, remember to earmark your donation to the Spiritual Camp in Bridger.
Campers are welcome to come. We ask that you come prepared to work and to be responsible. The nights get cold. Bring a tent, warm sleeping roll and remember it is expected to get wet and cold.
Cheyenne River Lakotas at Bridger, South Dakota 

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