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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Plagiarizers Privilege: The Death of Journalism

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS at:

This week many websites seized our content without permission. It only takes a minute to e-mail for permission to use our content. It only takes a minute to be courteous, and to do the right thing. It only takes that minute to abide by copyright law.

With total disregard of the copyright notices on Censored News, many websites seized our content in blatant acts of 'plagiarizers privilege.'

Those stealing our content without simply asking permission include The Free Thought Project and Counter Current News. Of the many who seized our content, not one asked for permission.

The Free Thought Project has refused to comply with two copyright violation notices and continues to profiteer by using our article without permission. The Free Thought Project seized our content for profiteering. It illegally placed our article on a web page with a large amount of advertising to profit from it. The article is 'Navajo water more polluted than Flint's.'

Censored News has no ads, revenues, salaries or grants and forbids the content from being used on web pages with advertising or for commercial purposes. Censored News has published writers for 10 years without pay.

Nativeamericanpress(org) also violated our copyright and used the content for profiteering with advertising.

Meanwhile, in Indian Country, the collapse of journalism began when the casino industry took control of the national news. Plagiarism, rewrites and copy and paste became the standards at Indian Country Today, Indianz and other national 'Native' news websites.

Indian Country Today owners are extremely wealthy. There is no need for the owners to rely on plagiarism. However, in 2006, ten years ago, the newspaper began firing staff reporters, who actually went out on news stories, and began relying on stay-at-home plagiarizers and re-writers. Their scheme was to plagiarize or rewrite others hard work, without ever leaving their homes. They sometimes add a quick phone call to disguise the crime, and often use stolen copyrighted photos to make it appear the reporter was present.

The real crime is that there are hard working reporters and activists who make sacrifices to go out and report the truth. They take the risks, do the work and put in the time. They usually pay for the expensive travel out of their own pockets.

The plagiarizers -- the reporters and their editors -- are sitting home. They are opportunists who seize the content for their paychecks or glory.

These plagiarizers proliferate on Facebook. Facebook is now home to vast media mills stealing content for profit. They seize the content illegally, post it with advertising for profit, or use AdSense for secret revenues.

We are asking our readers to be vanguards of truth and honesty.

Those who sacrifice to report the truth should not be the playthings of the profiteers.

The article that was plagiarized for profit, "Navajo water more polluted than Flint's," was first published at Censored News. I also wrote this expanded article for Narco News, where I am a columnist. The article at Narco News appeared on Google News.
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Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 34 years. During the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation, she was a reporter for Navajo Times and stringer for AP and USA Today. After serving as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today, she was censored and terminated in 2006. Censored News was created as a platform for the voices of grassroots Indigenous Peoples and human rights activists. Now in its 10th year, Censored News has no advertising, salaries, grants or revenues. Norrell has traveled with the Zapatistas through Mexico and provided live coverage, with Govinda from Earthcycles, from Bolivia and across the western United States. The live coverage included the live five-month Long Talk Radio on the Longest Walk 2 northern route across America in 2008. The Leonard Peltier and Boarding School Tribunals in Green Bay, Wisconsin, were also covered live. 

Navajo water contamination more horrific than Flint's

Coal mining, power plants, uranium mines and uranium spills have poisoned the Navajo Nation water

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News copyright

Navajo water has long been contaminated by Peabody Coal mining on Black Mesa, Cold War uranium spills and strewn radioactive tailings.
Recently, the US EPA poisoned the Animas and San Juan Rivers with a gold mine spill. The spill devastated Navajo farmers who depend on the water to irrigate their crops.
Further, the US government knew when it relocated Navajos from Black Mesa to the Sanders, Arizona, area that radiation from the Church Rock, N.M. uranium spill on July 16, 1979, would poison the water when it flowed down the Rio Puerco wash to Navajo Nation and Arizona communities.
Today, tests confirm the radioactivity in the drinking water in the Sanders area.
In the Four Corners region on the Navajo Nation, three dirty coal fired power plants poison the water with runoffs, near Page, Arizona, and Farmington, N.M.
The dirty coal electricity lights up Phoenix, Tucson and other cities. Meanwhile, Navajos suffer from the coal mining and power plant pollution. Many Navajos have no running water and are forced to haul their water long distances.
The media, both in Indian country and the mainstream media, have failed to expose the truth.
The public remains unaware of the extensive pollution and corporate exploitation on the Navajo Nation.

From Robert Seals:

Photo Louise Benally speaking in DC
English, French and Dutch
French translation by Christine Prat
My name is Robert Seals. I have been following the Flint, Michigan water crisis story and wish to shine a light on another water contamination story that is much older and just as horrific as Flint's.

The Navajo Black Mesa water supply has, for decades, been destroyed by Peabody Mining Company. The wells have been drained to make slurry in order to pipeline coal and the remaining water supply is contaminated with uranium which is now leaching into the Colorado river. This is the short version of the little known story that desperately needs to be told. There has been no potable water on the reservation for decades. When a city like Flint is in crisis, everyone gets agitated/involved. However, there is no one talking about the tragic situation that has been taking place on the Navajo Black Mesa and no one is being held accountable for this travesty. The spokesperson for Black Mesa is Louise Benally. She will give you the complete story. (

Here is a brief statement from Louise: "Our water has been impacted since the 1950's on to today. When different minerals were discovered on the Navajo Reservation in the 1940s-1950- through to this day (now 2016), ground water has been used to extract uranium. The ground and surface waters have been used and released back into holding ponds and/or released into the surface waters. Coal Mining on Black Mesa used water to transport coal for 276 miles and continued pumping ground water for pushing Black Mesa Coal to Laughlin, Nevada. Today there are holding ponds that are not monitored at Black Mesa which seep into the run offs/into the surface waterways- headwaters.

There is a lot of contamination on our reservation, in most of the regions- New Lands- Sanders, Arizona. There is no water that is safe for people to drink. In the western agency area, there has been no safe drinking water since the 1950's, after the uranium companies have moved on. Black Mesa water is being pumped for Peabody Coal Company's mining operation. The contamination is currently seeping into the Colorado River."

Thank you immensely for taking the time to further investigate and expose this dire situation.

Sincerely, Robert Seals

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