Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 29, 2016

McCarthyism: The new face of journalism

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The McCarthyism that destroyed careers and lives of filmmakers, writers and journalists, is the same as what is happening today, just in a different form. 
The truth-tellers are being silenced. Whether it is done with an economic torch, forcing journalists into unemployment and poverty, or whether it is done by billionaires or the casino industry purchasing and controlling the media that once gave them a voice, the truth tellers are vanishing.
On Facebook, the financial profiteers are scamming readers by seizing real journalists content and placing it on webpages loaded with advertising. This violates copyrights and is illegal profiteering from others hard work. It is part of the dissolving of real journalism and the diluting of truth.
The pullout of Al-Jazeera America, which was broadcasting some good coverage in Indian country, was said to be for financial reasons. Well, for whatever reasons the plug was pulled, it was one of the few media outlets that was actually showing up in Indian country, instead of staying home and plagiarizing.
Casino-funded media has proven to be the death of real journalism in Indian country.
Corporate billionaires have proven they can take control of any existing media.
Where does this leave us all? Looking for a new form, a new way for truth telling.