Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 2, 2016

Mohawk Nation News 'Lazy Indian'


Lloyd Vivola said...

So much of the dominant - settler, modern - work ethic - along with careerism - does indeed impress upon people values and meaning that support hierarchy and subservient behavior, not seldom through woefully misleading schemes that pervert one's idea of success and responsibility. Just as pernicious, it promotes and confirms stratification, alienation, distortion and deformation - professional, diplomatic, etc. - of how we perceive - or misconceive - the essence of Creation and living in the greater world.

Lloyd Vivola said...

Reading over my previous comment, I have to chuckle. So many big words to describe a modern condition or malady. Ha! And I never attended university. By comparison, consider: chop wood, carry water, plant seed, smoke fish, build fire, welcome neighbors, share meal, swim in river, teach children....that said, thanks to Mohawk Nation News for the report.