Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 26, 2016

Zapatistas: Asi Que Mejor Autoprescibanse Esto

Espanol and Italiano

Now in English!
Marcos (now Galeano) responds to Mexico's announcement that his arrest warrant has expired. "... P.S. So, does this mean the Tampiqueño[ii] is now free to leave community and go for some stuffed crabs? He’ll have to pick up the tab, of course, otherwise forget it. So he is free now to do what any other Mexican can do? That is, now he’s free to be exploited, mocked, defrauded, humiliated, disrespected, spied on, extorted, kidnapped, murdered, disappeared, and to suffer all those insults to his intelligence from those who say they govern this country? I mean, I’m asking because this is the only thing the “institutions” guarantee any citizen in this country who isn’t above."

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