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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mohawk Nation News 'Five Nations Council Seating'



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MNN. June 25, 2016. The true government of the rotino’shonni is the teken’tiokwan’hoxta, the circle of 49 families. The band and tribal councils are CROWN corporations that do not legally represent us. Kevin Deer, at a recent meeting of the Enaahtig Healing Lodge & Learning Centre in Barrie Ontario, announced that he was giving up his job in the Kahnawake language program, to work with the World Bank on a “financial reset”. A Haudenosaunee World Bank is being created using our land as the major asset. A Six Nations elder who attended said that the bankers are the main shareholders. This is outright theft. The onkwe’hon:weh system of decision making cannot be manipulated.
TEKENTIOKWANHOXTA, the circle around our 49 families, forms the foundation of the constitution of the rotino’shonni, Iroquois. We protect our unborn children who own great turtle island. Two intertwined concepts of protection are our responsibility to mother earth and nature; and kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace, the path provided for us to follow.  iekaia’taieri means we are complete. The power is the family. The will of the people is expressed by the circle of 49 families.
Clan families are in place to carry out our duties. Women carry out their roles and responsibilities according to kaia’nere:kowa. They place the men in their duties. The peace takes hold in all of kanien’keh.
ken'non'kwe run the show.
ken’non’kwe run the show.
kanien’keha:ka – People of the Flint 
rotiniaton – Turtle Clan
tekariho:ken [2 opinions] – Well keeper, keeper of the Eastern Door. War Chief sits under him.
  1. Aionwa:tha – [He who combs] – Created Condolence Ceremony along with tekanawita after losing his daughters.
  2. sha’tekari:wate [Of equal matter] – deputy to tekariho:ken.
ronathahion:ni – Wolf Clan
  1. sharenho:wane [The Great Tree Trunk] – it is you who will care for the upright tree we have, that is, the great tall tree, the great long leaf. It will be your work to see that the branches increase in size.
  2. teionhehkwen [Double life] – this will be your work: their sustenance, those living here on earth.
  3. orenrehko:wa [The Great White Eagle] – they have chosen you to help them with the Great Peace, and will all work together.
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. tehana’kari:ne [Dragging Antlers] – you will all cooperate in your work. When the task is done, they will all have antlers on. You will all divide into fire sides, which is what we will call your nations moieties.
  2. ahstawen’serenhtha [They drop down the rattles] – When it is complete, our rooted tree with its four protruding roots, the Great White Roots, then you will be the one to help with it’s growth and fruiting and with the operation of peace so that it will spread on earth.
  3. shohskoharo:wane [The Great Wood Drift] – When the Great Peace is complete, there will be a fire with smoke rising which will pierce the sky. There you will work to help them in furthering the enlargement of the branch of peace.
onenio’te’a:ke – People of the Standing Stone
ronathahion:ni – Wolf Clan
  1. rotahsehte [He has the quiver over his shoulder] – As to you, you are the ones with no clan, and now they have chosen you. This then is what we shall call it: the turtle clan will become their families.
  2. kanonhkwenio:ton [Standing Ears of corn].
  3. terihakwen:te [Through the Opening].
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. shononhses [Their House is Long] – You will help now that they are completing their League of chiefs, and extending the house towards the East and West, as the longhouse is oriented, and it will become a single family of many nations as have combined in their power. This is how you will help them: with ongoing matters concerning the League, the Great Law and the Peace.
  2. tehonare:ken [They split the branches] – which means now it is done, and now it is becoming a single person. So this is how you will help them: with the furtherance of mutual respect among all chiefs’ families who have now combined.
  3. atia’tanentha [They slide themselves down] – which means now that the task is done, and they are now one family, the Five Nations, all are related, everything and they are happy. That is how you will help them: with the furtherance of peace.
ratiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. tehawahtahontenion [Their ears are hanging] – which means that since it is in operation, the Good Message, the number of them who have accepted it are all rejoicing. All are related and respect one another, and they are a single family, which is what they live by as ongoing families.
  1. ronia’tashaion [Slow to drink] – which means the league is completed and all have their marks of identity, and having placed antlers on them, when it is functioning, the great peace, then this is how you will help: by seeing that all should accept it, those inhabitants who have not yet accepted the good message, those who have delayed, so that all will become united.
  1. ronawatshatohon [Covered in mist/fog] – which means since it is completed, everything has stopped, the slaughter and scalping and bloodletting of their own people, their own nations. So this is your work: as to all the clubs they use to kill people, when someone will take them and bury them in the earth, then peace will emerge among the people.
ononta’ke’a:ke: People of the Hills 
  1. thatotarho [He’s Hooked] – Keeper of the Records/Wampums, overseer of the Confederacy Council.
Beaver Clan
  1. awenhnisera:ien[They’ll pick a day] – now that it is accomplished, this is a land of peace, it is your work to help with the furtherance of the Great Peace, and you two will cooperate with thatotarho.
  2. tehatkahthos [they look around] – you will be looking all around along the standing house, wherever there are families of the League, and this in y our work: you will help advance their progress towards making a circle around the place of the fire, the Great Council Fire, and you will cooperate with all the chiefs.
rotihnhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. rohniasanon:waks [Their throat is sore] – your name which measns that several nations, when they hear about the good message, and if they visit your house, your league, you will work at their accepting the Good Message of the Great Peace.
rotiswa’’kari:io – Hawk Clan
  1. awenken:iate [On the Surface of the Water] – when it is complete, the fireplace of the power and the peace, your work is to further everything related to bringing about peace for the inhabitants of the earth.
rotiniaton – Turtle Clan
  1. tehaia’tkwa:ren [One Side of their Leaning Body] – your work is to stand up in front of the people and also the chiefs in order to advance unanimity, to bring it about among the several nations.
Great Wolf Clan
  1. rononwirehton [He disappeared] – they have chosen you to stand at the center of the group at the place where the fire is, the Great Fire of the Great Law of Peace. Placing their confidence in it, for it means that it is moving along, the Good Message Great Law, and everyone will be happy, all of the people.
rotishennakeh:te – Deer Clan
  1. kawenhnosero:ton [Hanging Strings/Words] – which means that one should not weaken the good message and the Power and Peace, and that it should get furthered, the Great Law.
  2. arihron [He Spills/Tips it] – which means that your work, once the task of combining the power is completed, is to advance the good message among the settlements o that everyone will be happy by day and by night, and that now t he war path will stop.
Eel Clan
9.roiennien:ni [He Was Made to Do] – which means that it is your work, as they enter, the various nations, to see that they will accept the Good Message which will advance relationships and the mutual tolerance of Peace.
  1. shota’kwarahson [He the Bruiser/He Chases People away] – which means that it is your work to help them as the several nations are forming under a circle again, and all are watching the place of the fire where the smoke is rising, piercing the sky, for it will save them when they accept the Good Message.
  2. shakokenhne [He Saw Her Before] – you will treat them all equally, the people of this group, and you will give them the Good Message which they will accept, and that is what will save them from trouble.
  3. rarserethon/ohahshaha:wi [He’s Carrying the Light/Torch] – it is your work now that all of the families will be established as a single house, to see that one will use it to live by, the power which will be functioning for peace.
  4. skana:wati [Other side of the Swamp]\ – now that it is getting completed, the League, everything concerning the warpath, and now they are dismantling the paths they used to use to cross over the rivers and swamps, and it is ending, the warpath.
kaion’ke’a:ke – People of the Pipe/Swamps 
rotskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. tehaka’en:io [He looks/He’s Observing] – when called upon to hand out the responsibilities of the Chiefs of the Cayuga nation he had this to say, “now as for us, they are already completed, the appointments of our nations.”
rotiswa’kari:io – Hawk Clan
  1. tsinontaweron [He Looks at Bugs]
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. kota’kwarahson [It’s Bruised]
  2. shoion:wes [He Has a Long Wampum Belt]
rotiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. atia’seron:ne [They pile it]
Heron Clan
  1. teiohronhionko [It reaches the sky]
  2. teiothore:kwen [Very cold]
rotihnhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. tawenhe’ton [Two things happening]
  2. hatontaherha [He’s carrying a log]
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. teskaheh [More than eleven]
shotinon’towane’a:ka – People of the Great Hill 
rotiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. skaniatari:io [Beautiful lake] – called upon to help hand out the responsibilities to the chiefs.
rotihnhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. sha’tekaronies [Two Skies the same langth] – called along with skaniatario:io to hand out responsibilities.
rotiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. kana:kare [Arrow] – your work is for the League, so that the Peace will progress by their continuing to enter, every nation speaking every language, and thus it will become complete, the Power at the fire, the Great Fire of the Great Law of Peace.
rotiswa’kari:io – Hawk Clan
  1. shoken’tio:wane [He has a big forehead] – which means that the task has been completed, it having become one family, the Five Nations they now have united, they have one head, thee chiefs. Thus your work is to further it, to the degree that it is complete, thee Great Law of our knowledge in charity.
rotinhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. nishaie:nen [Falling Day] – your work is to see that it should not topple again, now that they have completed the task of finishing their house and the tasks of placing antlers on the chiefs, and planting their rooted tree, that is the Great Tall Tree, the Great Long Leaf, and lighting a fire whose smoke rises up, piercing the sky. So this is what your work is: it should not topple, for if it does, this is our death.
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. satie:nawat [He grasps it] – you will help further the good message and the power, they now have just one body and just one head and just one heart and just one family, and there is just a single house at the place where they have formed their relationship group of chiefs. Thus your work is to not let it spoil by continually renewing the ongoing family.
rotinnhehsi:io- Snipe Clan
  1. kaon’kerita:wi [His hair is singed off] – Confederac War Chief.
ronathahion:ni – Wolf Clan
  1. teioninhokara:wen [He keeps the door open] – Confederacy War Chief ladies
“So now it has been completed, the seating of our Five Nations Council”. 
From there tekanawi:ta and the mothers of each of the chiefs bestow antlers upon the chiefs thus finishing the formation of the League of Five Nations. [nia:wen women of ganien’geh].
Haudenosaunee Development Institute HDI and Haudenosaunee World Bank are private corporations. These villains have no authority under the laws of this land based on creation to collateralize our mother. She is not a prostitute. No one can steal our land and our birthright. We have a responsibility to defend our mother from anyone who rapes or disrespects her. Every family of great turtle island must be consulted on anything concerning the land, which is not for sale.
Now we stand as brothers. Let us plan this tree, water its roots. It’ll go from sea to sea. Watch it grow to the sky and bask in its shade. It represents the unity we know have made.

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Dine' Filmmaker Arlene Bowman: Dene Language Conference Connects and Inspires

Dene Language Conference held in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories produced positive results for Arlene Bowman, Dine’ filmmaker

Dene language root in far north connects Tolowa Dee-ni' in California and Dine' and Apache in Southwest

Arlene Bowman
Article and photos by Arlene Bowman
Dine' (Navajo) filmmaker/photographer
Copyright Arlene Bowman, Censored News

YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories, Canada -- The Dene Language Conference, June 6--7, 2016, was co-organized by Alex Jaker and Gary Holton (Alaska Native Language Center) and Mary Rose Sundberg (Goyatıkǫ̀ Language Society), and hosted by the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

My intention to attend the workshop conference was to find a Canadian Dene speaker who knew her language fluently and culture for an experimental documentary I want to make about the value of the Dene language in North America. That happened. I met Gina a Dene woman, Tsetta First Nation from Yellowknife. But when a person looks for such a contact it may not happen. At the same time I wanted to know more about the Dene language. I expressed to Jenny where I stayed at in Yellowknife, I was glad I came to the conference. I learned a lot. I never traveled as far north in Canada or anywhere else in the world as Yellowknife. All was new. I had viewed pictures and stories of Canada’s far north from TV news and ads, but I prefer to view with my own eyes and experience in person the country and people myself.
Northwest Territories is located between Nunavut to the east and Yukon to the west in Canada. Yellowknife is the capital of Northwest Territories located on the north side of Great Slave Lake. The Province is located north of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
If a person travels more north the land ends at Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Many islands are spread through out north of Canada. From the airline window, I viewed many many lakes all across the land for miles and miles. Trees were not tall as in B.C. No darkness. The light stopped at sunset and remained at sunset level, low lit all night as I slept. I wanted to videotape the aurora borealis, but to view it a person needs darkness. I could not video tape it. I was told the light changes back to darkness in mid-August. I never experienced light conditions as that where darkness never fell. I wondered do people stay up all night.

Yellowknife town looked composed about half or more than half of Indigenous people and half white and other people of color. Lots of Indigenous people. Reminded me of Holbrook, Arizona where a lot of Indigenous people reside from the Navajo and Hopi Reservations.
I met people on the streets just walking. They were curious and very friendly to me. Sometimes I was asked questions about where something was located at a store, as if the Dene person assumed I lived there. Inclusion. The people from that area physically looked like Dine’ from Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, Navajo Rez. They had high cheekbones and dark skin like mine.
Highlights of the Dene Language Conference were: John Janvier, Cold Lake First Nation and Sally Rice. John Janvier presented the separation story and told the story in his own language. As he narrated the story, he showed his paintings of the separation story. Sally Rice, University of Alberta, managed an archaeological site in U.S. The site found moccasins from Northern Dene.
The second highlight: Loren Me’-lash-ne Bommelyn of Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation located in Northern California, Smith River described his Dene people and how they regained their language from extinction. I always heard about the Dene from California, but it seemed as if they did not really exist. Their status to learn the language was far more perilous than Dine’ in Arizona. He knew his language and history very well and described it fast since the conference time was short.
Other interesting parts, when the public expressed about the topic presentation, if she/he agreed or disagreed, Indigenous people expressed comments in their language. A group of people said some people expressed too much negativism about the language, for example why should Indigenous be told this and that about their language and culture by non-indigenous people. For me it meant, why should us Indigenous accept films and videos made by non-Indigenous filmmakers. These type of films and videos are films and videos created from Indigenous stories. An example is the 2015 Ridiculous Six produced by Netflix. Key positions in film and video production need to be Indigenous directed, written and produced by Indigenous people. However, at the Dene Language conference I was not offended. I liked hearing both sides.

When I heard the Dene people speak their language, some Dene language literally had the same nasal, high and low tones and throat sounds that the Dene language from Dine’ in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah have.
Gina, the Dene woman I met, said she visited the Navajo Reservation. She said she could see her people physically in the Dine’ faces. Some words in the Dene language were similar.
A man said, Inuit and Dene people use to have gatherings with each other long ago but not anymore. I thought to myself I wish they continued to have gatherings.
I noticed the tourist ads in Yellowknife about Dene people featured teepees. I asked my new Dene friend, if this was borrowed from the Plains culture. She said yes. I am aware that Indigenous people borrow cultural items from each other because they live close to each other.
Next year’s Dene language conference will be held in Arizona and will focus upon the Apache. This Indigenous people and area was very different than Vancouver BC. I liked the difference.  

Arlene Bowman, Dine' (Navajo), was born in Fort Defiance, Arizona, on the Navajo Nation, and now lives in Vancouver BC. She grew up in Phoenix and received her MFA from the University of California Los Angeles. Bowman's film Navajo Talking Picture, filmed at her grandmother's hogan in Greasewood on the Navajo Nation, has shown in film festivals around the world. Her feature film Song Journey was broadcast on PBS. The Graffiti screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Her photographs have been featured in exhibits in BC and her travels have included a journey through South America and a recent trip to Brazil.

Happy to share with our readers this report and photos from my longtime friend. -- Brenda Norrell, publisher, Censored News

                                            Copyright Arlene Bowman, Censored News

In the Bittersweet Days of Summer Solstice

Clouds to the West, on the Road Home
Chuska and Tsaile Mountains
Photo by Brenda Norrell, Navajo Nation, Crystal, New Mexico

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The past few days have been bittersweet. We are sad to share with you the passing of Jim Boyd, Colville, who will be remembered for his kindness and his award-winning music.
From the south, we hear of the deaths of the teachers and their supporters shot by police as they took their last breaths for justice in Oaxaca.
We learned of the brutal US forces -- which included the US Border Patrol -- who trained Honduras military and the assassins who had Berta Caceres on their hit list.
From the north, we hear this news, that the publisher of Mohawk Nation News, Kahentinetha, Mohawk grandmother, was sitting in the dark, with her electricity cut off.
This comes with the uplifting news from Arlene Bowman, Dine', and her travel to the Dene Language Conference in Yellowknife. The news is that the language is alive -- from the far north, to the west coast of California, to the Southwest lands of Dine' (Navajo) and Apache.
And the struggle for justice, autonomy and dignity continues -- from the Zapatistas in Chiapas, to the Dine' resisters on Big Mountain, to the Dakota Access pipeline fighters at Sacred Stone camp in North Dakota, to the seed planters at the tarsands mine arrested in Utah, to the streets of St. Louis where Peabody Coal festers in the bowels.
Are the news rooms empty? Where are the journalists whose calling requires them to be present and out there covering the news. Are they on a permanent holiday in their easy chairs?

Censored News:

Mohawk Publisher's Electricity Cut Off

Emergency Alert!
June 23, 2016

Kahentinetha, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, is sitting in the dark tonight. Her electricity has been cut off. Mohawk grandmother Kahentinetha has shared generously with readers and never asked for anything, even when border agents induced her heart attack.
Please do not send donations by way of PayPal to MNN. Paypal has seized MNN's donations ($150) and sent those to the Federal Reserve without explanation.
Update Saturday: Kahentinetha's grandchildren raised $500 for her, but she still needs to raise $500 more.
Please send donations in money orders by express mail.
Kahentinetha Horn, MNN, Box 991
Kahnawake Quebec Canada J0L 1B0
Thank you, Brenda, Censored News

NAMA Mourns the Loss of Jim Boyd

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient,
Multiple Award Winner, and
 Colville Tribal Chairman,
Jim Boyd Passes Away

New York, NY - It is with great sorrow and profound sadness that the Native American Music Awards (NAMA) shares the announcement from The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation on the passing of multiple award winner and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Jim Boyd. On Tuesday, June 21st, Jim Boyd reportedly died due to natural causes. He was 60 years old. 
"Jim Boyd was one of the most talented and genuine artists ever to grace our stage. He touched and influenced many by his sheer presence, modesty and versatile songwriting ability. A seven time award winner and a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, he was loved by all. We are grateful we were able to honor him and his music. We extend our deepest condolences to his wife, Shelly and family and to the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. He will be greatly missed." states NAMA Founder and President, Ellen Bello.

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