Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peace and Dignity Runners at Hungry Valley

Photos by Buck Sampson, Northern Paiute
Censored News

Peace and Dignity Runners arrive at Hungry Valley

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Peace and Dignity Runners arrived at Hungry Valley Indian Community near Reno, Nevada. Runners are on their way to Pyramid Lake Paiute. The northern journey ultimately meets runners coming up from South America. The ceremonial run has runners beginning in Alaska and Argentina, then joining together in Panama.

Northern Paiute Buck Sampson, among those welcoming the runners, said, "The Peace and Dignity run is an ancient Maya prophecy in which an Eagle and Condor are facing each other with their necks intertwined, both Birds joined together as equals in unity. The elders said Condor represents the Indigenous people of the south and Eagle represents the Indigenous people of the north. The elders said there needs to be a way to connect Indigenous people of north and south. After talking it was decided a Spiritual Run would be a way of connecting the two. Every four years runners begin their journey at opposite ends of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres."

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Photos copyright Buck Sampson, Censored News

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