Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

March 24, 2017

Video Cheyenne River Chairman Update on Camps for Water Protectors

Cheyenne River Chairman Harold Frazier

Cheyenne River Chairman Harold Frazier shares how Cheyenne River opened up a camp at Eagle Butte, South Dakota, as a safe place for water protectors.
The camp was created after water protectors were attacked, arrested and evicted at Standing Rock.
Chairman Frazier describes how Cheyenne River also maintains a spiritual camp of water protectors along the Cannon Ball River, where ceremonies are being held. Chairman Frazier said it was created so people would not be a burden on anyone, and could continue their cultural ways.
Water protector Eric Poemoceah, who conducts the interview, thanks Chairman Frazier for coming to the aid of water protectors.
Eric was violently attacked on live video by militarized police when Oceti Sakowin Camp was demolished. Eric is now in a wheelchair following the attack when police.


waterislife said...

The people united will never be defeated.
Not going back.
Not going back to same old, same old putting up with all the lies,
its a sick world when people are abused for being indigenous.
Then afterwards the same haters telling the scars aren't real.
This week the 3rd journalist in a month was murdered in Mexico.
And, How many persons with less attention are under fire, at risk, being targeted, under attack in some way?
Just for saying "I exist".
As an indigenous person, I exist.
To hold water, to carry water, as a natural person, I exist.
From the mountain tops the rain fell, and the water poured and streamed down the mountains,
and my heart is glad!
I am in love with the water,
I am alive with water,
I am in awe!!
Leaders, make sense to help us,
We who left our homes under force,
we who stayed in homes without water,
we who have no homes to return to,
we who pose a threat to the destructors just by being alive, help us!
We do exist, from time in the beginning till today, we do exist!
We exist in beauty, even our scars are beautiful!
We don't want any scars, but even our scars are beautiful!

Wikiwmn said...

Prayers and ample to all with great respect and affection

Unknown said...

all indigenous peoples are in my thoughts daily. The people that have caused you such stress are earning there own in time. You are all in my meditations with love,. Jackie