Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WalMart family billionaires and Coca Cola stealing Gila River Indian water

Photo Gila River Indian Community Farmers by Gila River Indian News

Arizona Water Grab Part 2: Walmart Heirs Push Water Market

This is the second part of the Arizona Water Grab series, following Arizona Water Grab Part One: Water Rights and Water Markets. This is also accompanied by two supplemental pages for more information on the Walton Family Foundation and GRIC in the interest of keeping this article shorter than it would’ve been.
 Water conservation deserves much more skepticism than you might think, especially when the heirs to the Walmart fortune are involved.
Recently, a few related water agreements have been made with the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) to address the water level at Lake Mead and the state of Arizona’s continued access to Colorado River water. Of the more troubling facts is that one of the agreements involves the Walton Family Foundation, run by billionaire Walmart owners and family.

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