Sunday, May 21, 2017

Photos Standing Rock Water Protectors in Paris -- Inspiring Global Movement

Rachel Heaton, Rafael Gonzales and Nataani Means in Paris

In Paris, Water Protector Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot from Washington State

In Paris, Water Protector Rafael Gonzalez

In Paris, on first day of European Tour, Nataani Means, Dineh, and Waste Win Young, Dakota/Lakota from Standing Rock, rally for freedom for fellow Water Protector Red Fawn, who remains imprisoned
Nataani Means, Dineh/Lakota from Chinle on Navajo Nation and Waste Win Young, Dakota/Lakota from Standing Rock

Water Protector Juan Mancias, Chairman Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe, Texas

Water Protector Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, Washington State

Water Protector Rafael Gonazlez

Thank you Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, and all photographers at Stand with Standing Rock for sharing your photos with Censored News.

Water Protectors in Paris said:
The May 21st Paris event was at the Place de la Republique, in solidarity with the No-DAPL struggle and the struggle against Texas LNG.
"The place the la République is a really important square in the recent french history cause. It is where the Nuit Debout took place in Paris. Nuit Debout was a big social movement against a law changing the work conditions. The event was shaped a bit like a Nuit Debout with the general assembly."
The idea of this event was to show support of the tour, but mostly to explain why divestement is important and why carrying this divestment message here in Europe is relevant. Also the message was about the importance of international Solidarity especialy with First Nations struggling in the Turtle Island and everywhere.
"We also wished it to be a time of exchange between US and french struggle. We had intervention from, Friends of the Earth France, CSIA Nitassinan, Terres et Hommes, End Ecocide, activists from the struggle against the Notre-Dames-Des-Landes airport, activists from the struggle against nuclear waste in Bure, the NoTAP mouvement (against a Gas Pipeline in Italy)."
The event was co-organised by Alternatiba, Nuit Debout, Friends of the Earth France and CSIA Nitassinan. It ended with the concert of Nataanii Means and Rafael Gonzales known as Tukawon, both activist from the no-DAPL movement.
After Paris, water protectors head to Brussels:

Native American water protectors from Standing Rock camps began their European Tour in Paris yesterday rallying against fossil fuels, Dakota Access Pipeline, and destructive drilling and mining on Indigenous lands.
Water protectors called out for freedom for imprisoned water protector Red Fawn and remembered Berta Caceras assassinated in Honduras.
The European Tour begins as water protectors urge banks to divest in destructive energy development and Standing Rock water protectors birth a global movement.

 Information and Schedule of Tour

News update May 21, 2017
More leaks found in Dakota Access Pipeline

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