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December 28, 2017

Genocide, Massacre, Apartheid, Resistance: Four Images of Dakota, Lakota, Palestinians as 2017 Comes to an End

As Dakota and Lakota rode in honor of those hanged and massacred, Palestinians were murdered and imprisoned because of the reckless announcement of Trump.
Man Missing Both Legs Murdered by Israeli Forces while Protesting Trump's Reckless Announcement 
A disabled Palestinian man missing both legs is among those killed by Israeli security forces that opened fire on demonstrators in the West Bank and along the border with Gaza, Gaza’s health ministry said. Abu Thurayeh, 29, was shot dead east of Gaza City, according to Gaza’s health ministry as cited by the Times of Israel. He is one of four Palestinians who were killed during a protest over the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. -- Global Research
Dakota 38 Riders Honor Dakota who were Hanged in Largest Mass Execution in U.S. History
MANKATO — The coldest Dec. 26 in more than 20 years didn't stop Dakota riders and runners and a large crowd of onlookers from memorializing the 38 Dakota executed in Mankato in 1862 and continuing the reconciliation effort of today.

Bigfoot Riders Honor the Massacred of Wounded Knee 1890
Mniconjou Lakota Chief Bigfoot and his band of 400 people were massacred while under a white flag of truce at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They were massacred by an avenging U.S. Army 7th Calvary, many of which were drunk, Yellow Hair, Custer's old command. 14 years before this, the 7th Calvary was wiped out by the combined forces of th
e Lakota, Arapaho and Cheyenne along the banks of the Little Big Horn River.


Palestinian Teen Arrested after Young Cousin Shot in Face

Ahed Tamimi’s father Bassem took to Facebook to record the incident and told of how his home was raided and their phones, cameras and laptops stolen following his daughter’s arrest. “The IOF [Israeli occupying forces] raid my home and arrested my daughter Ahed Tamimi after the Israeli media attaks [sic] here after she stop the solder [sic] in front of our house when he shot child on his head,” the status read.

Apartheid was ended in South Africa. It can be ended in Palestine. -- Censored News

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