Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 11, 2017

The Intercept exposes FBI informant owned gun in Red Fawn case at Standing Rock

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Article by Will Parrish, The Inter6

Heath Harmon, 46, tribal member from Fort Berthold, was an undercover paid FBI informant. He engaged in a relationship with Red Fawn. Heath owned the revolver that police claim Red Fawn fired during her arrest, reports The Intercept. He was at Rosebud Camp at Standing Rock.
The Intercept reports:

Heath Harmon
FBI informant 


Unknown said...

Hope all the truths get exposed there is a lot the federal government conspired.all tied to Monsanto illuminati..all evil fucks wanting to kill life n all of creation..

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Unknown said...

There are some profound unknowns related to the struggle between the federal government and Indigenous American, First Nation people.

The continuity of life is a real devotion to them, and they need our help in ways that are surprising

Unknown said...

Heath Harmon,FBI informant RAT What an idiot

Unknown said...

damn son all for government cheese