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December 31, 2017

FBI Informant's Misconduct Continued after Red Fawn was Jailed

Informant Heath Harmon of Fort Berthold, North Dakota, owned revolver Red Fawn is charged with firing.

Update 2021: Red Fawn served her prison  sentence and was released. Read how paid FBI informant Heath Harmon pursued a romantic relationship with her at Standing Rock Camp in 2016. As police swarmed and arrested Water Protectors, Harmon insisted she wear his coat that secretly had his revolver in it. Harmon was paid $2,000 as an FBI informant.

Update by Will Parish on Dec. 31, 2017

Paid FBI informant engaged in intimate relationship with Red Fawn and continued intelligence gathering after Red Fawn was jailed
Heath Harmon

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Updated Dec. 22, 2017

The misconduct of paid FBI informant Heath Harmon, 46, of Fort Berthold, North Dakota, has been exposed by The Intercept.

Harmon was a paid FBI informant in Standing Rock water protector camps, giving the FBI regular reports from August to October, while in camp, court documents show.
It has just been exposed that Harmon owned the revolver that Red Fawn Fallis is charged with firing during her arrest.
Harmon engaged in an intimate relationship with Red Fawn, while concealing the fact that he was an undercover FBI agent in Rosebud Camp at Standing Rock.
Even after Red Fawn was in jail, Harmon continued to call her, and withheld the fact that he was an FBI informant. The information from those phone calls was shared with local and federal police officers and prosecutors.
Red Fawn's supporters are now calling for an investigation into the ethics of an FBI informant engaging in a sexual relationship with a target while concealing his identity. Similar cases have successfully been filed in court against undercover officers in England.
In England, after an undercover officer had relationships with women, the women sued. Among the charges they filed were assault, negligence, deceit and misconduct by senior officers.
Harmon's intelligence gathering and deceit did not stop when Red Fawn was arrested on Oct. 27, 2016. Harmon continued his work as an undercover government spy.
The Intercept reports:
Harmon spent the day of October 27 with Fallis and was nearby during her arrest. He continued to withhold his FBI affiliation from his then-girlfriend in phone conversations with her while she was being held at the Morton County jail in Mandan, North Dakota, records show. Investigators’ notes on those calls were distributed to the ATF, two local sheriff’s departments, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Bismarck, among others.

In Florida, prosecutors dropped and reduced charges against defendants, after finding out undercover detective had sex with targets, which violates Florida law, according to case law.

"Having sex with the suspects in the cases constitutes entrapment and violates the defendants’ due process rights, according to Florida case law cited by defense lawyers. Also, any sexual relationship between an informant and a target violates the rules of nearly every law enforcement agency, federal, state or local."
"Prosecutors are dropping or reducing felony drug charges against more than a dozen people who bought Oxycontin from an undercover detective, after learning that the police informant who set up the drug deals had sex with some of the defendants."
In England, women sued after an undercover cop had relationships with women, and fathered children. One animal rights activist sued alleging assault, negligence, deceit and misconduct by senior officers.
The targeting of Red Fawn by the FBI comes as no surprise.
 Red Fawn's mother Troy Lynn Yellow Wood was active in the American Indian Movement and was among those targeted, before she passed to the Spirit World.
Documents from the Denver Police Intelligence Department exposed a massive spy operation targeting the American Indian Movement in the 1990s. It stretched from Denver  throughout the country, with police and federal agents tracking anyone affiliated with AIM, even those who simply had a Free Peltier bumper sticker on their car.
The Intercept reports:
Federal prosecutors are charging Fallis with civil disorder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and discharge of a firearm in relation to a felony crime of violence — perhaps the most serious charges levied against any water protector. If convicted of discharging the weapon, she faces a minimum of 10 years in prison and the possibility of a life sentence. She has pleaded not guilty.
Read article at The Intercept by Will Parrish:

Water Protector Legal Collective attorneys exposed today that the government is withholding documents in the Red Fawn case:

It is no surprise that Red Fawn was targeted by the FBI. Her mother was also targeted before she passed to the Spirit World, along with all those affiliated with AIM in Denver. The facts were exposed in the 1990s that Denver Police Intelligence Dept. tracked and spied on everyone associated with AIM, even a grandmother who simply had a Leonard Peltier bumper sticker on her car. This spy operation spanned the entire country and was exposed during a court case in Colorado, when boxes of spy files became public. It was only one of these that tracked and targeted. There was also COINTELPRO and the international spy operation Operation Chaos, targeting AIM and other movements and their supporters in other countries. Denver Police agreed to change their policies after the exposure, but of course the spying and targeting continued by the joint task forces. My articles on this are on the web. -- Brenda Norrell


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Well done, Brenda. Thank you.

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i am so glad the truth is coming out,more each day,i wish peace,happiness and safety to Red Fawn,she is innocent,and the true victim here

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

What are the laws about paid FBI informants having sex with targets? What are the laws concerning gathering intelligence under false pretenses, for the prosecutor, while a person is incarcerated? Attorneys can email me at

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All of this happened 3 years ago. What was the outcome of this travesty?

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I also have informants that form long term romantic relationships with me, and ultimately always break my heart. I have a learning disability and mental illness and many other mendical problems that i feel that they are constantly exploiting. I am indeed a dissident but I have not had a "real" friend in many many years. This has happened to me for over 20 years. I suspect my mother had me with my father, because he was being investigated by the fbi. She always tells me that shes dissapointed in me because i turned out just like my father and when i was a teenager she tried to convince me to work for the FBI. my life has been a nightmare for over 20 years. It is quite disturbing. Everything that is done to me is done with plausable deniability. The FBI honeytrap PSYOP online that they run is called "gangstalking" which is all fake/disinfo to drive their target off the deep end. This plog bost has solidified everything. Thank you for it.