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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Photos Standing Rock Water Protectors in Paris -- Inspiring Global Movement

Rachel Heaton, Rafael Gonzales and Nataani Means in Paris

In Paris, Water Protector Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot from Washington State

In Paris, Water Protector Rafael Gonzalez

In Paris, on first day of European Tour, Nataani Means, Dineh, and Waste Win Young, Dakota/Lakota from Standing Rock, rally for freedom for fellow Water Protector Red Fawn, who remains imprisoned
Nataani Means, Dineh/Lakota from Chinle on Navajo Nation and Waste Win Young, Dakota/Lakota from Standing Rock

Water Protector Juan Mancias, Chairman Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe, Texas

Water Protector Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, Washington State

Water Protector Rafael Gonazlez

Thank you Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, and all photographers at Stand with Standing Rock for sharing your photos with Censored News.

Water Protectors in Paris said:
The May 21st Paris event was at the Place de la Republique, in solidarity with the No-DAPL struggle and the struggle against Texas LNG.
"The place the la République is a really important square in the recent french history cause. It is where the Nuit Debout took place in Paris. Nuit Debout was a big social movement against a law changing the work conditions. The event was shaped a bit like a Nuit Debout with the general assembly."
The idea of this event was to show support of the tour, but mostly to explain why divestement is important and why carrying this divestment message here in Europe is relevant. Also the message was about the importance of international Solidarity especialy with First Nations struggling in the Turtle Island and everywhere.
"We also wished it to be a time of exchange between US and french struggle. We had intervention from, Friends of the Earth France, CSIA Nitassinan, Terres et Hommes, End Ecocide, activists from the struggle against the Notre-Dames-Des-Landes airport, activists from the struggle against nuclear waste in Bure, the NoTAP mouvement (against a Gas Pipeline in Italy)."
The event was co-organised by Alternatiba, Nuit Debout, Friends of the Earth France and CSIA Nitassinan. It ended with the concert of Nataanii Means and Rafael Gonzales known as Tukawon, both activist from the no-DAPL movement.
After Paris, water protectors head to Brussels:

Native American water protectors from Standing Rock camps began their European Tour in Paris yesterday rallying against fossil fuels, Dakota Access Pipeline, and destructive drilling and mining on Indigenous lands.
Water protectors called out for freedom for imprisoned water protector Red Fawn and remembered Berta Caceras assassinated in Honduras.
The European Tour begins as water protectors urge banks to divest in destructive energy development and Standing Rock water protectors birth a global movement.

 Information and Schedule of Tour

News update May 21, 2017
More leaks found in Dakota Access Pipeline

Native American Water Protectors Begin European Tour in Paris

Native American Water Protectors Begin European Tour in Paris
More photos at:

In Paris, water protector Juan B. Mancias
Tribal Chairman at 'Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas

"Yesterday we were welcoming the Water Protectors from USA, Rachel Heaton, Nataanii Means, Wasté Win Young, Rebekah Hinojosa, Juan B. Mancias and Rafael Gonzalez, with some first actions." Photo courtesy Stand Up with Standing Rock.
Solidarity with Water Protectors in Paris yesterday.

Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot
Rachel Heaton, member of the Muckleshoot Nation in Washington State, said of the photo above, "Some of the awesome organizers we get to tour around with.. it is the work of 24 organizations that got us Water Protectors here. 
Upon arriving in Paris we went right into actions. There is so much organizing going on here in Europe and it's exciting being a part of it." Photo by Rachel Heaton.


Nataani Means, Dineh
Nataani Means, Dine' from Chinle on the Nation Nation, said, "
We're about to hit an eleven city tour in Europe. Doing divestment work, as well as performing music in each city of the tour. We're gonna continue waking people up to what's going on not only with the destruction of Mother Earth but educating about our communities, what we go thru. And what we're still facing on our nations. When I started doing music this is what I wanted to do it for. Educate people about who we are in the 21st century. Prayers to everyone traveling, it's gonna be tough cause I really haven't been home in a minute and we just finished a two month tour here on turtle island. Myself and these beautiful people will do our best to represent in a powerful way."
 Waste Win Young, Dakota from Standing Rock
has just arrived in Paris. Young was among those camped and resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Water Protector Rafael Gonzales

Four additional cities are joining the Tour ! Water Protectors will come in Paris, Brussels, the Netherlands, Köln, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Bologna, Rome and Naples. Be ready friends ! Quatre villes s'ajoutent à la Tournée des Défenseur.e.s de l'eau. Ils passeront donc à Paris, Bruxelles, les Pays-Bas, Cologne, Genève, Barcelone, Madrid, Bilbao, Bologne, Rome et Naples. Soyez prêt.e.s les ami.e.s !

Standing Rock Water Protector European Tour and Schedule

From May 20th till June 14th, some activists of the Standing Rock’s movement will come to Europe for a solidarity tour called “Stand Up With Standing Rock”.
In Standing Rock, North Dakota, United States, the so called “water protectors” fought against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Thanks to months of non-violent resistance gathering people from all over the country and from various backgrounds, they put a stop to the project during the Obama administration. But as Trump got the presidency, he decided to defend his own financial interest by sending the army to evacuate the Oceti Sakowin camp, build in the pipeline route. One month after, the oil was flowing inside the pipeline. But the fight is not over, as the water protectors took care of spreading it all over the Turtle Island (North America) and are now willing to spread it all over the world.

Mohawk Nation News 'Stern Storm Troops'


Please post & distribute.
MNN. May 21, 2017. This is a story about rain. There was a hole in my roof. Water flowed into the house. Wall, floor and carpet were soaked. It was an Emergency. More rain was coming! As a pensioner pushing 80 years of age, I needed help to buy construction supplies and a contractor. 
I rushed to the Kahnawake Housing laggards. They asked, “What can we do for you?” I told them the desperate situation. They said “sorry”. I hate sorry! When I want expert advice, I talk to myself. 
I was not eligible for the discretionary contingency funds for emergencies unless I went through a very slow cumbersome procedure. But I was eligible to borrow my own money from them. 
The whole existence of the Canadian government and its lackeys is based on the “band” list, which comes from the extortion of our stolen $900 trillion dollar Indian Trust Fund. They administer the scam. 
Their job is to hold onto our stolen funds. They get good salaries, nice houses, cars, some have winter homes in Florida, membership in fancy clubs. They are part of the genocide. 
A friend covered the roof hole with a tarp. Wet wall, carpet, basement tiles were removed. Dehumidifiers and fans were set up.
 The CMHC Central Mortgage & Housing grant is based on reports, inspections, estimates, second and third guesses, photos, visits from the local cheeses and final signatures. RL explained, “If you don’t pay us back [even the last $58 payment], the council corporation can grab your house! We follow orders!” 
I called the corpo chief in charge, G.B. Laborgne, who said, “You have to go through the process” and hung up [450-632-7500]. I went home. Inspectors with their high tech gear descended on me. They looked, climbed the roof, marched around my house, took pictures and then left. They came back again and again, without hazmat suits to protect them from the mould. They wrote a ten page report of instructions.  
Out of desperation I signed a loan agreement to borrow my own money with interest! 
Nearby non–native flood victims cried for the army to save them and to be provided with post traumatic stress counselling. They are angry at mother earth for doing her job! Kanesatake Mohawks refused military assistance and told them, “Get outta here. Don’t you dare bother us”. 
The corpo chiefs and their troops recently cut checks for “dire emergencies” like going to Las Vegas to talk about our mis-administered education! They had fun in Sin City, to win where the lights are bright, to blow our money. 
Bon Scott knows exactly what these traitors were doing in Sin City: “Diamonds & dust. Poor man last. Rich man first. Lamborghini, caviar, dry martini Shangri-la, I got a burnin feeling deep inside of me. And it’s a yearning and I’m gonna set it free cause I’m goin in to Sin City. Im gonna win in Sin City.”
Mohawk Nation News for more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to More stories at MNN Archives.  Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit 
The long awaited “F-ck Trump” column by Subcomandante Galeano (Marcos) is now available in English.

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