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March 19, 2019

Censored News -- The Struggle of the Human Spirit Keeps Hope Alive

Longest Walk 2019 photo by Bad Bear
Love is the founding force of revolution
We are still here

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
It has been 12 and one-half years since Censored News began. We have the honor of sharing some of the most censored facts of genocide, displacement and injustice. Today Christine Prat exposes the nuclear testing that the U.S. and France must be held accountable for. If you look through our archives, you will discover Tohono O'odham Ofelia Rivas exposing the planned U.S. and Israeli spy towers in her community, and the local resistance to this destruction.
You'll also see Mohawk Nation News and the articles of Kahentinetha Horn​​, taking on Canada. The articles by Lakota and Dakota who stand and live in resistance are among the most read articles, including one from Standing Rock Camp viewed 1.6 million times. There are many issues the mainstream media refuses to cover, including the number of US Border Patrol and ICE agents involved in drug running and murder.
Much of this would not be possible without the founding wisdom and resistance of Dine' and Hopi. From the resistance at Big Mountain, to the gathering by Dine' Care which brought together the Spiritual and  environmental leaders on the Navajo Nation 30 years ago at Dilcon, they are a foundation and pulse.
The words and actions of the Mohawk Warrior Society are a foundation of courage, fearlessness and clarity of purpose.
Around the world, Indigenous Peoples are being assassinated in the struggle for justice. Young women are being disappeared and murdered.
Still the Zapatistas and resisters keep hope alive, with the cry of autonomy, dignity and self reliance
It is the struggle of the human spirit and it keeps hope alive.
Please support the writers, photographers, runners, walkers, translators, great thinkers, and all who live their truth, from their homelands to the frontlines.
Censored News has no ads, grants or revenues.
It is a labor of love, the love that Che spoke of, and the love for the future generations, water, land, rivers, birds and all living things that led Buck Johnston of Taos to strap himself atop a drilling rig last week.
Walking across the land known as the United States is an act few can do. Thanks to Western Shoshone Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson, who has done it many times on the Longest Walks, we have photos to share of these epic journeys.
I began Censored News after being censored and terminated as a staff writer for Indian Country Today. The editor warned me to stop writing about "grassroots" Native people.
Today, I wish I could do more, but we are all doing the best we can. Thanks to each of you, we are still here. -- Brenda

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