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March 1, 2019

Lisa DeVille -- North Dakota Bill is Fear Mongering by Oil Cronies

Standing Rock Photo Rob Wilson
Letter to Editor
By Lisa DeVille, Mandaree, North Dakota
March 1, 2019
North Dakota Senate Bill 2044 is Coordinated Effort by Oil Cronies to take away Constitutional Rights
A bill intending to chill protest and rob citizens of their freedom of speech has been introduced in the North Dakota Senate this legislative session. 
On the surface ND Senate Bill 2044 appears to be in the interest of keeping critical infrastructure safe and sound, but in reality there are already sufficient laws in place for that. 
In reality this legislation is fear mongering in its nature, imposing excessive consequences on people and organizations involved in protest, even if it is lawful and peaceful. The vague and ambiguous language used to outline the circumstances punishable by law in this legislation is left up to interpretation of the law, and aims to intimidate people out of their constitutional right of free speech and assembly. 
We should treat our land, air, and water as critical infrastructure rather than pandering to industries that have temporary interest in our land and people. 
There has been look-alike legislation proposed in several states including Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Ohio. I implore you to contact your ND legislator in the House and urge them to vote no on ND Senate Bill 2044, let's keep our constitutional rights safe and sound.

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