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March 16, 2019

Taos Water Protector is On Top of Drilling Rig -- and He's Live!

Buck Johnston is on top of a drilling rig near Taos, New Mexico, in defense of the water. Buck is broadcasting live and plans to stay 4 days. Watch:
Update Friday morning -- Buck survived the blizzard Thursday night. His bro, a fellow Warrior, climbed up the drilling rig to bring him a phone charger.
"That's the kind of action I'm trying to inspire," Buck said, a top the drilling rig on ancestral Pueblo land, in the pristine region now known as Taos.
Update Saturday: Buck remains atop the rig, after they cut away his hammock in the cold. Buck remains strapped to the rig in a Four Day Ceremony. Listen to report:
Update Monday: Buck has been released from jail and is with his family.

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