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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Chile Resisters Warn World of Dangers of COP 25 False Climate 'Solutions' in Video

Watch video below:
Chile offers a warning to the world about the dangers of “natural climate solutions” being promoted at the COP

On December 10, 2019, in Madrid, this video is playing at COP25 at the Global Forest Coalition exhibit booth 3, COP25 Hall 4.
10 DEC: The video is planned to show at the GFC event in Cumbre Social por el Clima "Driving Deforestation - drifting away from real climate solutions to address the climate crisis". 16:00 to 17:30 - SP/EN - Classroom 1107, Em Rosane Santiago

From 22-30 November, Global Justice Ecology Project and Biofuelwatch filmed this series of short statements opposing neoliberal market-based climate schemes and so-called “green energies” that enable business as usual at the expense of the peoples, rivers, forests and ecosystems of Chile.
Intro from the video:
Chile was to be the host of the COP25 Climate Summit. But in the face of a massive popular uprising against the free market neoliberal economic model, and hundreds of cases of human rights abuses, Chile canceled the COP. The COP moved to Spain, yet Chile retained Presidency of the COP.
Chile, meanwhile, remains a striking example of the impacts of “natural climate solutions” – the carbon market, carbon offsets and large-scale “green” energy. In Chile, these schemes have led to vast tree plantations, destroyed forests, led to forced displacements, loss of fresh water, toxic incinerators and huge devastating copper and lithium mines.
Through the following statements, Chile offers a warning to the world about the dangers of “natural climate solutions” being promoted at the COP.

You can view this five minute video here:

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