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December 3, 2019

Derechos Humanos The cruel 'Remain in Mexico' will not work

The Cruel 'Remain in Mexico' Expansion Efforts to Separate Us Will Not Work

By Derechos Humanos

Censored News

TUCSON -- In its unrelenting mission to attack migrants, the Trump administration is yet again ramping up the pressure and suffering of people at our U.S.-Mexico border. The Remain in Mexico protocols have already caused unimaginable conditions for people who have been forced to abandon their home countries, only to be turned away at our ports of entry to await their hearing in one of the Mexican border cities. This has resulted in inhumane and dangerous conditions for applicants and their families. Accounts of children being denied entry and told to “wait in line” (there is no official line), families threatened by the various actors in the journey, physical attacks, family separations, and many other horrific circumstances are already commonplace.

The newest announcement that migrants apprehended in the Tucson Sector will now be transported to El Paso and to then await hearings in Cuidad Juarez is incomprehensible. The Tucson community has a long history of welcoming immigrants! We have consistently come together to welcome and give refuge to those in need, as is evidenced by the efforts of the many organizations and individuals who dedicate themselves to this mission. These efforts have included policymakers and churches, with various groups receiving migrants. Together we have made it clear that we can accept our migrant brothers and sisters without bussing them hundreds of miles away to face bureaucratic and unfair proceedings without the humanity that is given freely and lovingly in Tucson, Arizona.

Stop the bussing of people as if they were cattle! We must practice radical hospitality, not frightening and dehumanizing indifference.
Join us in demanding an immediate halt the transporting of our brothers and sisters away from a welcoming community in Tucson, Arizona.

In Solidarity,
Coalición de Derechos Humanos

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