August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Friday, August 21, 2020

Native Americans delivering innovative relief with CARES Act funds

Mashpee food pantry tasting party.

Native American Nations are providing direct financial aid to members under federal CARES Act 

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Updated Aug. 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic in Indian country is resulting in severe hardships across the country, from food insecurity to the pressing need for laptops for distance learning.

Many Native American Nations are providing direct financial relief to members with federal CARES Act funding, from the Nooksack, Mashpee Wampanoag, Red Lake Ojibwe, and  Lac Courte Ojibwe to the Choctaw, Quapaw, Wichita, Citizen Potawatomi, Cherokee, Winnebego, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Sagway, Yurok and Zuni Pueblo.

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