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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Zapatistas 'The Mountain' sets sail to Europe on May 3, 2021

Zapatistas in the Lacandon jungle prepare for sendoff of comrades to Europe. The 'reverse invasion' of resistance and revolution has been invited to countries throughout Europe. 'Autonomy. Self Reliance. Dignity.'

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The Ixchel Route.

April 2021.

The Mountain will come out.

By SupGaleano (Marcos)

From one of the houses of Ixchel , the mother of love and fertility, the grandmother of plants and animals, a young mother and an old mother, the rage into which the pain of the earth is transformed when it is hurt and stained, will emerge the mountain.

One of the Mayan legends tells that Ixchel spread out over the world in the shape of a rainbow. This was done in order to give the planet a lesson in plurality and inclusion, and to remind it that the color of the earth is not one, but many, and that all, without ceasing to be what they are, together illuminate the wonder of life. And she, Ixchel , the rainbow woman, embraces all colors and makes them part of her.

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