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July 23, 2022

Oglala Lakota Demand Missionary Leave for Hate Speech Demonizing Lakota Culture

Statement from Oglala Sioux Tribe regarding disrespectful materials circulated by a religious group meant to demonize our beautiful Lakota' culture

From Censored News:
The Oglala Lakota Nation has issued this statement above demanding that the Jesus is King missionary and mission leave Oglala land for hate speech and demonizing Lakota culture. On the Jesus is King Mission website, this hate speech includes the names of Russell Means, Spiritual Leader Leonard Crow Dog, Black Elk, the Wounded Knee Massacre and Ghost Dance of Wovoka.

Oyate Media Network posted photos on Facebook of the Dream Center, and the printed material being distributed to Lakotas. "The Dream Center located in the Badlands on The Pine Ridge Reservation needs an Eviction Notice, boycott!"

Photos by Oyate Media Network

Oglala President Killer and the Council took action on Friday after these images were posted on social media this week of literature being given to Lakota children.

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