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August 3, 2022

Riding the Trails with Dineh Gene Shepherd

Keams Canyon

Riding the Trails Photos with Gene Shepherd, Dineh

By Gene Shepherd
Censored News

Why do I ride the trails?
Why do I go?
What am I to find?
Which trail to take at the fork?
What am I looking for?
"In Tribute to my Elders, Past and Present "
"Honoring my Elders"
"Eiihaniih, Remembrance"

Sunup on the trail, leaving campsite between Greasewood, Arizona, and Whitecone Arizona. 
Day 2 of 9. July 29, 2022

The shortcut from Greasewood to Klagetoh.
Chocolate milk flowing through Moenkopi Wash

Long house valley and Hwy 160 going towards Kayenta Arizona also Bears Ears is visible in the gap. Bears Ears is located in the southeast corner of Utah.


Currently, I'm on my seventh day on the trail, riding from Chambers, Arizona, to Navajo Mountain.

(Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022) Tomorrow is another very short ride to Shonto Canyon. Everyone is at the polls and I'm out on the trail where there's no BS, no arguments. Solitude is what I seek, be one with nature.
Right now we're camped in a roping arena, sleeping in my horse trailer on my saddle pads, and I've slept on the ground too after a long day's ride, riding from sunup to sundown. Goodnight folks.


Photos and text copyright Gene Shepherd

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