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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Remembering our Heroes: Reporter Cate Gilles and Dine' Leroy Jackson

Photo by Cate Gilles. Big Mountain and Black Mesa protest at Navajo Nation Council chambers.
Dine' protested the genocide by the Navajo Nation government, which signed leases with Peabody Coal to mine coal and use the water on Black Mesa for Peabody's two coal mines. The Navajo government also signed the lease for the Navajo Generating Station, the coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona, that used the coal. The power plant was one of three coal-fired power plants on the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico that supplied electricity to Southwest cities that the Navajo government received royalties from -- while many Dine' were left living without running water and electricity.

Remembering our Heroes: Reporter Cate Gilles and Dine' Leroy Jackson

Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Censored News would not be what it is today without the lives, and deaths of two people, news reporter Cate Gilles and Dine' Leroy Jackson. Cate was a reporter covering relocation and Black Mesa and exposed radiation dangers from uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.

Cate was working in public relations for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe when she was found dead hanged by her dog chain. Her death was ruled a suicide. However, just before her death, she told news reporters that she had documents on corruption, involving a casino, that she was taking to the authorities.

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