Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 16, 2023

Ward Valley 'Ground Zero' Spiritual Gatheirng Feb. 18, 2023

Ward Valley: Celebrating the Heroes
Censored News original series
Photos by Molly Johnson and Greenaction

The Rhythmic Journey Home: Birdsingers ensured victory at Ward Valley

One film that tells this story is 'Trespassing,' and when it was released, it was censored at most film festivals around the world. This is the transcript of Mojave Steve Lopez' words in Trespassing

Mojave Steve Lopez: Ward Valley halted Nuclear Genocide, Poisoning of Colorado River

Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone, Wally Antone, Quechan and Llewellyn Barrackman, Fort Mojave. Photo by Molly Johnson.

Celebrating Victory at Ward Valley: Corbin Harney 'Sing to the Water'

The Desert Tortoise on Sacred Land, Celebrating the 20-Year Victory at Ward Valley 

Laguna Pueblo Dorothy Purley Exposed Nuclear Holocaust on Native Lands 

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