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May 11, 2023

Paiute and Shoshone Halt Construction at Thacker Pass Lithium Mine

"Another hard day will begin in an hour at 5 am when more work trucks start coming. We could use backup, campers who want to support. We can’t do it alone."

Paiute and Shoshone elders and youths blocked a fuel truck on Thursday afternoon, as they protected the unmarked burial places of their ancestors massacred here.

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Paiute and Shoshone elders and youths turned a fuel truck around, as they blockade the road and protect the Paiute Massacre Site from lithium mine construction, at 4 pm today, Thursday. 

Humboldt County Sheriff's Dept. issued a second and final warning to Paiute and Shoshone elders and youths blocking the road to protect the Paiute Massacre Site and the unmarked graves of their ancestors, and the water, from lithium mine construction this afternoon. Paiute and Shoshone elders spent the day in prayer and ceremony and were joined by youths to block the trucks. Biden issued the permit for a foreign corporation, Lithium Americas of Vancouver, Canada, to gouge out the earth here for a lithium mine at Thacker Pass in northern Nevada. Biden says it's 'green energy' for electric vehicles. A federal judge allowed it to proceed even though it is in violation of federal laws.
Video on YouTube: Second round with Sheriff's Department

Humboldt County Sheriffs Dept. Arrives -- Tells Paiute and Shoshone that it is illegal to block a public road: Thursday at 1:30 p.m.
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Blocking construction of the lithium mine this morning. The teepee went up and Paiute and Shoshone began offering prayers, urging others to come in a good way and help. Photo courtesy Protect Thacker Pass.
                                                       Photo courtesy Protect Thacker Pass


Protecting Paiute Unmarked Burials and the Water, in the Spirit of the Ghost Dancers

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Thursday, May 11, 2023
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For the second time in a month, Paiute and Shoshone elders and youths are blocking construction with prayer. Elders are calling for people to "Come help us in a good way, stand up and be strong."

"We are where an important ceremony is happening today. We are in peaceful prayer," a Paiute elder said as the teepee went up early this morning at Peehee Mu'huh, Thacker Pass, where construction of an open-pit lithium mine is underway.

The teepee is symbolic to the Paiute people and Lakota people. "We're at this great place and this great home, and this great space is to put up something that represents us, prayer, peace and who we are as Native people."

"The canvas, the skin, comes from the east, our Lakota people, and the poles come from our Paiute Nation," she said.

"We are connected through the very sacred ceremony, the Ghost Dance."

"We are putting up our teepee and making a prayer, a peaceful prayer, to pray with our people."

"We are putting it right here, where they have made a scar, putting in their water pipeline."

"We are protecting our unmarked burials. Our ancestors were massacred here."

"We are making a mark to let our ancestors know we are here," she said, adding that the water must be protected from the demand for water by the lithium mine.

Protect Thacker Pass said:

Early this morning, two Paiute spiritual leaders from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, and the Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Tribe — began a prayer for the water, the land, and future generations at Peehee Mu’huh, also known as Thacker Pass, where construction of an open-pit lithium mine is ongoing at a Northern Paiute sacred site.

"A teepee is going up blocking construction of the mine and supporters have begun to gather on-site. We ask you to please share this live stream, support the grassroots effort, and get involved. Thank you."

 Photo courtesy Protect Thacker Pass

Humboldt County Sherrif's Dept. issued a second and final warning on Thursday afternoon for Paiute elders blocking the road as they protect the unmarked burial places of their ancestors. 

Photo courtesy Protect Thacker Pass


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