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May 30, 2023

Paiute Massacre Site -- Urgent Need for Attorneys to Fight Restraining Orders


Paiute Shoshone defenders of the unmarked burial places at the Massacre Site are in urgent need of attorneys as they must now battle Lithium Americas, a foreign corporation, that is digging into the land for lithium with permits from Biden and the Interior Department in northern Nevada. Biden calls this "green energy."

By Ox Sam Camp
Censored News

We have 4 DAYS to meet the needs of our Request For Attorney(s):
Licensed in Nevada State - Criminal Defense Attorney
To represent 4 Land / Water Defenders opposing Thacker Pass Lithium Mine
To contest ex parte Temporary Protection Orders obtained by Lithium Nevada in Humboldt County, Winnemucca, Nevada.

One of the restrained parties being local Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Matriarch Dorece (Sam) Antonio, descendant of Ox Sam who survived the 1865 massacre at the site of the lithium mine and for whom Ox Sam Camp is named. Dorece and other Paiute Shoshone elders are defending the sacred site (Nipple Rock) and the human remains of their massacred ancestors still laying on the ground within the project area of Lithium Nevada.

Although we have non-Nevada lawyers supporting, we need more Native Legal Organizations support and other national and int’l lawyers who can assist our Ceremonial Land Defense stand, most urgently we need a lawyer licensed in Nevada to file and make appearances on behalf of the 4 protectors.

It is very likely that the exaggerated accusations listed within the 4 TROs will be substantiated and filed onto their record by default if we fail to challenge, records that could later be used to inflate future charges / civil actions pressed by Lithium America and other institutions upholding the corporations' interests.

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