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May 14, 2023

On the fourth day of ceremony at Ox Sam Camp, the rains have come


On the fourth day of ceremony at Ox Sam Camp, the rains have come. Paiute protecting the unmarked burial places of their ancestors from lithium mining share a special greeting, and blessing on Mother's Day. "It is the fourth day of the fire, and the rain has washed away the bad things that the lithium mine has brought to our Mother Earth here."

LIVE: Day 4 Ox Sam Camp at Peehee Mu’huh /Thacker Pass Lithium Mine

"We just had a wonderful spring storm on the fourth day of ceremony. We were huddled in the tipi that rests over the 10-mile water pipeline route at the Thacker Pass mine. And on this Mother’s Day, we wish you all the best, to mothers the world over, and to our Mother Earth and future generations. Special shout out to Auntie Deb Haaland. We ask you to please share this live stream, support the grassroots effort, and get involved. Thank you."

Watch live as the blockade of lithium mining trucks continues in northern Nevada near the Oregon border. The camp is named for Ox Sam, one of the Paiute survivors of the massacre here.

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