Friday, August 15, 2008

Behind the Razor Wire

Behind the Razor Wire

Incoming message to Censored News, published with permission:
Razor Wire n Walls Bro'z request other reports concerning the Ohio incident. "What I know is what I read out of Indian Country Today (ICT) newspaper. They covered some of the incident in Ohio. But I always like receiving all information about the People. As I was and still concerned about the People." This came from an old Friend from a California prison. I did the cut and paste project to get most of the Censored News concerning the smack down in Columbus, Ohio. Another Bro behind the walls at Salem, Oregon sends this message. "Ive been thinking about this Censored News stuff. They do put out a lot of good news we sure wouldn't see otherwise. Their coverage of the Long Walk Two was pretty extensive. I know that we probably wouldn't see this type of news they provide. Because the "United Snakes" and corrupt america doesn't want to show us that there are still major problems and issues. That People are willing to stand up for. Most of the news we see today in my opinion is tainted by the government and "our sponsers!"
I'm glad to see somebody is out there showing the other side of the stories.

Note from Censored News: After receiving this request, Censored News gained permission from Michael Lane to publish his official statement to authorities on the attack by Columbus, Ohio police. Earlier, Indian Country Today published an article on the Columbus police attack by relying on the police claims. Although the newspaper quoted one of the victims of the Columbus police attack, Luv the Mezenger, Luv said the newspaper never contacted him. Listen to Earthcycles for Longest Walk Talk Radio interviews with Luv, Michael Lane and Marie Littlemoon, who photographed and video taped the incident. Unprovoked, Michael had a taser pointed at his forehead, from three feet away. Luv was slammed to the concrete face down and tackled by police. Luv was cited and placed in the paddy wagon. Marie's arms were bruised by the police who grabbed her as she documented the attack.

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