Friday, June 24, 2016

Zapatistas 'The Hour of the Police 4 From the Cat-Dog’s spoiler notebook'

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The Hour of the Police 4 From the Cat-Dog’s spoiler notebook
June 2016
Enlace Zapatista
Here’s the doubt: what would be the most appropriate comparison for that sad and mediocre overseer who aspires to be a policeman?
Aurelio Donald Nuño Trump?
Aurelio Ramsay Nuño Bolton?
We think that given his thirst for blood and his cowardice, the latter fits him best.
And, just like in the television series “Game of Thrones,” where Ramsay Bolton is devoured by the dogs that he before used to attack others, the paid media that have used Nuño to slander, threaten, and attack the teachers in resistance and the communities and organizations in solidarity, will feed on him when he falls.
It could very well be said to him tomorrow:
“Your words will disappear.
Your house will disappear
Your name will disappear
All memory of you will disappear.”
To him and the entire system he serves.
Time will tell.

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