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Monday, November 17, 2008

Honoring Australia's Patrick Dodson: Renewal and Justice

Change Robed in Justice
Australia's Indigenous National Leader Emerges as Patrick Dodson is awarded Sydney Peace Prize
By the Westender, Brisbane's Urban Voice

It was not the honour of the Sydney Peace Prize that conferred the status of 'national leader' on Patrick Dodson, the platform simply gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his mantle. Like the vibration of the yidaki around the islands of the Arafura sea - his speech rang out. "Our nation, Australia, now has the chance to construct a new society built on equality and justice and in harmony with the land and its people. It is not an impossible task provided that we have the love and enthusiasm to begin the journey – the rest will follow." Patrick Dodson
As America elected its first African American President, Australia’s national Aboriginal leader spoke for the first time at the Opera House last night. The packed concert hall witnessed something special. It is ironical but not surprising that today’s Australian media, transfixed by Obama, let the event go by without acknowledgement. Perhaps it will be Obama himself and other world leaders who will now recognize that Australia has a co-leader.
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