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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Russell Means: Republic of Lakotah vindicated

While Theresa Two Bulls gathered the top votes, Russell Means says his 45 percent vote in the Oglala Sioux presidential race vindicates the Republic of Lakotah

From: Russell Means Freedom Campaign

Oglala Sioux Tribal Presidential Race
• 55% for Theresa Two Bulls the incumbent State Senator, on the "same old, same old" colonial ticket.
• 45% for Russell Means on the Freedom Ticket of obeying the laws (including Article VI of the United States Constitution) of the Country and Tribe.
• 45% of this Tribe voted for Freedom! This vindicates the Republic of Lakotah in the eyes of the the colonized tribal government and establishment press who claimed the Republic of Lakotah, and specifically Russell Means, did not have “official sanctions."
• Our strategy will continue on the other Lakotah Indian Reservations when we run candidates on the same platform in their elections.
• No longer can the colonized "vichy" Indians claim we don't represent or speak for anyone.
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Keloland TV reports: "Democratic state Senator Theresa Two Bulls has defeated Indian activist and actor Russell Means for the presidency of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Tuesday's election results showed Two Bulls with 2,227 votes and Means with 1,970 votes.Two Bulls, who also ran for re-election to her state Senate seat but was defeated by Republican Representative Jim Bradford of Pine Ridge, will succeed John Yellow Bird Steele as tribal leader."

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