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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food donations needed for AIM-West Reunion week

AIM-West needs the following food and equipment donations for the weeklong 40th anniversary week in San Francisco, Nov. 24 -- 28, 2008

Serving: Paper and plasticware (750 of each of dinner plates, forks, spoons, knives, hot and cold cups not larger than 10 ounces); 50 small desert plates; 1,000 napkins; coffee filter, regular round; 3 rolls paper towels; scrubber and new sponge for dishes; dish detergent.
Electric: 2 to 3 power strips; 2 to 3 extension cords.
Staples: 15 pounds of coffee; 1 large box of tea; 5 pounds of sugar; 1 extra large creamer; 5 pounds of honey; 20 sets of salt and pepper; one box of salt and one large pepper for kitchen; cans of tuna; 10 packages of dry bread stuffing mix; 1 gallon can kidney beans; 1 dozen eggs; 1 gallon mayonnaise (not salad dressing); 2 to 3 large salad dressings; 3 large (Costco size) bags of chips; 1/2 case of condensed milk; 1 large powdered rubbed sage for seasoning.
Drinks: Juice for 250 people; bottled water, milk; name-brand sodas for concert event; snacks you would want to eat at a concert.
Coolers: 2 to 5 gallon coolers.
Perishables: 20 loaves of bread 200 dinner rolls; 50 pounds of potatoes cut; 7 stalks celery; 10 medium onions (yellow or white); 10 pounds of cheese; 10 pounds of cheese; 10-pound sliced cheese and sliced beef bologna; other cold cuts; 6 very large bags of salad; 10 heads of lettuce; fresh zucchini and yellow squash; 1 pound fresh snap peas; 8 pounds white mushrooms; 1 pound raw sunflower seeds; croutons for salad for 100 people; 2 large red onions.
Contact Pegge Lemke:
Reunion site on Monday, November 24: San Francisco main library, 100 Larkin Street (across from City Hall); Tuesday, Nov. 25 and Wednesday, Nov. 26, daylong gatherings, and Friday night concert at Baha'i Center, San Francisco, 170 Valencia Street.

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