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Monday, November 10, 2008

Pine Ridge: 2,500 without power in disaster

By Tamra
NDN News
I spoke with the Director of Red Cross Richard Smith, this morning. Here is an update on what is happening on Pine Ridge.
The Tribe has set up a official command structure at the Crazy Horse School. Anyone that needs assistance in the districts, or if you know anyone that is stranded and needs help, contact Monica, she is the Incident Commander at this time.
Monica Perkildsen
605-441-5712 (cell)
They also now have a generator and have phones up and running at Crazy Horse School.
605-462-6784 or 605-462-6756
There are 2,500 people still without power, and it appears that it will not be restored this week.
I have spoken with Monica, she is working with the Tribal Council to get a official press release out in the next couple days. They will address all of their direct needs in that release. She will keep me posted on new developments.
They are sending all the supplies donated from Red Cross to all of the outer districts in need.
Fox News is on the way there right now to cover the story, so it will be on local news this evening.
They are still trying to assess the damage and any needs on Rosebud and Cheyenne River. So, no news there as of yet.
That's all the info that I have at the moment. Will keep you posted on whatever new developments I am made aware of.
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