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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Earthcycles live from San Francisco

By Brenda Norrell

SAN FRANCISCO -- Earthcycles will broadcast live from the AIM-West 40 year reunion this week, beginning 10:30 am on Monday, Nov. 24, 2008. Producer Govinda Dalton and cohost Brenda Norrell will broadcast at and on local 104.1 FM in San Francisco.
American Indian Movement members gather all day on Monday at the San Francisco main library, with Bill Means and Madonna Thunder Hawk. AIM-West continues on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Baha'i Center, with an Unthanksgiving Feast on Wednesday. Everyone is welcome.
The Alcatraz Island Sunrise Ceremony, hosted by the International Indian Treaty Council, will be at first light on Alcatraz Island Thursday morning. On Friday evening, AIM-West hosts a fundraiser concert.
Meanwhile, the Shellmound walkers and Peace Walkers are on a two week walk in the Bay area. The Shellmound walkers will be at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland on Thursday at 10 am.
Earthcycles will feature interviews from throughout Indian country, including Western Shoshone fighting Barrick Gold's plan to carve out their sacred Mount Tenabo. Local guests include supporters of the Berkeley City Council and its passage of the "No Border Wall" resolution. The issues of the Longest Walk will also be in focus, including protecting Mother Earth from power plants and mining, climate change, militarization of the US borders and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
From across Indian country, Paiutes are fighting to maintain their gathering and hunting rights; Kickapoo are struggling for their water rights; Navajos are fighting the Desert Rock power plant and the decades long devastation from relocation and coal mining. All along the border, Indigenous Peoples are struggling to survive as federal laws are voided to build the border wall. Meanwhile, private prison profiteering results in more migrants and American Indians in prisons. Sacred places are targeted for destruction as mining increases and corporations and political pirates seize federal and Indian lands in secrecy.
All across Indian country, more people are homeless and hungry, while tens of thousands of wild horses are targeted to be killed who once roamed on lands seized for gold mining and oil drilling.
Dalton and Norrell were cohosts of the Longest Walk Talk Radio across America, from Alcatraz to DC, for five months during 2008. The archives of interviews and songs are at
This week's schedule:
Monday all day, Nov. 24, 10: 30 am to 5:30 pm: Location – San Francisco Public Main Library, 100 Larkin Street. All welcome, press invited. Bill Means and Madonna Thunder Hawk. Issues from the south, national concerns, Treaty Rights, green economy, Mother Earth and UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Tuesday all day, Nov. 25, 10 am to 5 pm: Location – San Francisco Baha’i Center, 170 Valencia Street (between 14th Street and Dubois Street). Land struggles today; Sacred sites; Manifesto for Change; fishing rights, subsistence gathering; political prisoners.
Wednesday, Nov. 26, noon to 6 pm: SF Baha’i Center, Unthanksgiving Dinner, Special human rights awards. Keith Secola, Phoenix! Fancy Dancers, Medicine Warriors and All Nations Singers. Lehman Brightman, Patricia Bellanger, Little Wolf Bellecourt, Yvonne Swan, Charlie Hill and Max Gail.
Thursday Sunrise, Nov. 27: International Indian Treaty Council, Alcatraz Island Sun Rise Gathering. Boats leave from Pier #31. Hornblower Tours (415-981-7625) Booths open 4:30 am or purchase online (recommended) Last boat over 6 am; return at 9 am. Shellmound Walkers at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland at 10 am.
Friday Night Nov. 28: Fundraiser concert AIM-WEST. SF Baha’i Center, 6 pm to 10 pm: Dr. Loco and Rockin’ Jalapenos, The Bob Young Project, $10-20 slide scale.
AIM-WEST INFO: Tony Gonzales – 415-577-1492; Volunteer to help: Peggy Lemke 408-625-0986; John Powers – 415-559-9724 and Mark Anquoe 415-566-5788

Photo: Earthcycles radio bus at the culmination of the Longest Walk in DC, July 2008. Photo Brenda Norrell

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