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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mohawks: Spies for foreign powers forfiet birthright



Nov. 11, 2008. A “stool pigeon” is an information “carrier pigeon” inside a community. They give intelligence about us to our enemies, like police, government, social scientists or academics who pretend to study us. Let’s not forget those “5th column” scumbags - the band or tribal councils and “aboriginal” police forces - that have been forced on us by our enemies. We Mohawks are officially number 3 on the “terrorist” list put out by Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada, after Alqaeda and the Tamil Tigers. Doesn’t it look like the state is setting us set up for something?
The Canadian Secret Intelligence Service CSIS didn’t want to twiddle its thumb. It’s picking on us to justify its existence, or they’re very bored. They are recruiting informants among our people. A CSIS woman, Nancy Demarais, called Tewhonwasonte. He writes a column for the Kahnawake Eastern Door newspaper and is a member of the 207 Long House where some of the traditional people meet.This CSIS Wanna-be “Mata Hari” with a bag of money wanted a secret rendez-vous with Tewhonwasonte in a restaurant outside the community. She wanted to talk about ‘Mohawk’ stuff, like the tobacco industry and especially about our sister community of Tyendinaga.
It was a thinly veiled attempt to gain “strategic” information about us. In exchange Mata Hari offered to give him some “interesting” information. “I think you will have a smile on your face," she said.
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