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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Monday, March 8, 2010

Human Rights Crisis Phoenix

Puente Press Advisory
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Salvador Reza 602 446-9928
Sylvia Herrera 602) 575-8829

Human Rights Caravan to Washington D.C. Arrives in El Paso to meet with Border Workers Association
Presents Testimony - Before U.S. Government Officials on Human Rights Crisis in Arizona
Press Conference
Date: Monday March 8th
Location: Sidewalk – Front of Camino Real Hotel
101 South El Paso Street, El Paso TX 79901
Time: 12:00 Noon
A panel of U.S. Government experts is here in El Paso to gather information on Human Rights violations in preparation to the U.S. presentation before the United Nations in Geneva this November.
Members of the Caravan to D.C. will testify as to the continuous attacks on the Migrant, Indigenous, and Latino communities in Arizona.
On March 6, 2010 The Caravan departed Phoenix Arizona and embarked on the three week journey to ALERT communities along the way of the Human Rights Crisis that awaits the entire country if Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano continues with the criminalization of working families. On March 13 we will join Congressman Luis Gutierrez in Houston for a massive rally prior to the grand mobilization in Washington D.C. We will culminate our three week Caravan on March 21st 2010 massive march in Washington D.C.
Phoenix Arizona is the Hate and Racial Profiling, capital of the world today. We know what awaits the rest of the communities in the United States if criminalization of families and workers goes unchecked. Our message will be to alert and also call on churches, labor, indigenous nations and community organizations to join our demands to:
Eradicate ethnic cleansing and criminalization of migrant communities in the name of “secure communities.”
An end to family separation and government sponsored terror in our communities through local police cooperation with I.C.E.
The passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation that provides human rights, legal status, labor protection and political equality to all migrants.
A restoration of Human Rights to all as specified in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Restoration to constitutional protections and due process for all people as specified in the UN Human Rights Declaration.
An end to I.C.E. local police collaboration through the controversial 287(g) program, the so called "Secure Communities" initiative, and other measures that spread racial profiling and civil rights abuses across the nation.

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